How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


7. starting of a wonderful friendship

After finishing my work, I went to Katie’s apartment, which is my next door to tell her about today’s happening. As I knocked the door, a hyper Katie came in view with her blonde hair tied up in a messy bun. She hugged me and asked

“OMG!! What did Zayn say?” How come she knew I came here to talk about him? Does she have some kind of magical power? I should ask her afterwards. Now back to the topic.

“Hmm...How do you know I came here to talk about him?” I said eyeing her. Was she spying on me?

“I knew it. I knew it. Someone has a crush. Lalalala…” she said with an excited voice. What I can do with this girl.

“Am I invited to come in?” I asked hoping she would give me some space to go inside her house. This reminded me of Zayn, how he asked me whether he is invited to my house or not. I don’t know, why I relate everything with him.

“Ohh!! You didn’t come in?” she asked with a dumb smile. She dragged me to her room and started to ask me questions. Ok I didn’t want to be welcomed like this.

I told her everything, how he was waiting for my text and blah blah blah…

“Someone has got a crush on Anna. What are you waiting for, send him a msg.” she exclaimed.  

“Do you think I should msg him?” I asked. I was still not sure.

“Of course, dumbo. Otherwise tomorrow there would be another visit from him. If you want to meet him tomorrow, then no need to msg.” she said with a wink.

I went to my apartment and msged him saying “Hi... Thx for coming today..-Anna..” After pressing the sent button, I had questions running on my mind. Whether he would be busy? Am I disturbing him?

In 2 seconds he replied “Hey beautiful. At last you sent me msg. And I wanted to see your beautiful face, that’s why I came.” With a smiling face I read the msg thousand times. No boy has called me beautiful in my lifetime. i think I am falling for him. We msged for two more hours. I didn’t know when I fell asleep but all I could remember was he saying I shouldn’t be insecure. Yes I am insecure. But I know this is the start of a wonderful friendship.

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