How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


5. saved by him!

After a silence of 2 minutes, he turned  the radio on .
So c-come on
You got it wrong
To prove I'm right I put it in a song
I don't know why
You're being shy
And turn away when I look into your eyes…
This certain voice caught my attention. Hmmm…where have I heard this voice? I don’t know, but still the song and the voice both were amazing.  I thought of asking Zayn, but before I could ask him he turned off the radio and looked nervous.
“Hey Zayn...Why did you turned it off? The song was nice. Do you know who the singer is?” I asked with curiosity eating me alive the way he behaved. Hmm…something is fishy.
“uh.h…h!! I don’  kn…oow.” He stuttered. Ok, now something is wrong. But I thought to shrug it off.
At 10:45 I reached starbucks. Now I am scared like hell. I could feel myself shaking. Ok Anna, take a deep breath.  Ok now I am ready. As I was about to open the car door Zayn’s hand caught up with me.
“Wait for me Anna. I would also like to come with you as I want a cup of coffee.” He said.
We both entered and the first person whom I didn’t want to see was standing with an angry face. Here goes nothing.
“Well, hello Anna. It’s pleasure to see you that you finally decided to come to work. I hope your watch is working correctly.” He said it in an angry voice which I am scared off.
“Alice can you check out and tell me how many times she has been late for work?” he asked his daughter. Why he had to ask her. The moment I joined his shop, she is making my life a living hell. And haven’t he noticed I have a person standing next to me. If you want to embarrass yourself you can come to my boss. He surely knows how to make a person’s face a tomato with embarrassment.  
“Dad, she has been late 4 times this month.” Alice replied with a grin on her face.  I gave her a death glare. Oh how I wish I could break her face. If you give me a gun with 1 bullet, I would try to kill both father and daughter.
“Congrats, Anna.  You have broken the record of coming late. I really appreciate you.” He said. Ok now he should stop his nonsense.  I started to fiddle with my fingers. I know if I say something, then I would be kicked out of my work. It’s better to keep quiet and listen to his blabbering.
“Sir, sorry it was my fault because of which Anna is late. I really didn’t mean to cause her such a big problem” Zayn replied. From corner of my eyes I could see, he was feeling guilty. And the look on my boss’s face was unreadable. I didn’t understand whether he was pleased with the excuse or not.
Before my boss could say anything, Alice came next to us and whispered something on her dad’s ears. Hmmm…must be giving ideas how to expel me from the job. I could see devil horns.
“No No. It’s ok. Every person gets late because of something or other thing. Please take a seat. Anna, see that he gets full attention” He said with a toothy smile. WHAT?? Is he smiling and saying sometimes people can be late? Someone please pinch me.
I took Zayn to one of the chairs and thanked him with a warm smile. As usual Alice the gum came and started flirting with Zayn. I was  little jealous but happy that he was not a bit interested on her. But why I am?
“Bye Zayn. Come tomorrow, I will be waiting for you.” Alice said fluttering her eyelashes. I wonder how fake a person could be.
“Bye, Anna. Nice meeting you.” Zayn replied and ignored Alice. He extended his hand to shake which I gladly accepted.

I felt some paper in my hand. I opened it

Hey beautiful. This is my number. Call me whenever your boss is in bad mood. ;)
-ZAYN   xxxxx-xxxxx

Really, a boy whom I met today gave me his no.




so what do you think guys, would she call him or ignore?

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