How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


2. knowing him


I was missing something. Oh god my work. I glanced at the watch and it was already past 10:15 and I had to be there at 10. He must have seen me glancing at the watch and asked

“Umm…Are you going to work like this?” he asked with one eyebrow raised.

I looked down at my clothes and it was wet, I cannot go like this.

“I don’t think so” I replied thinking about an excuse to give it to my boss. I am sure he is going to kill me.

“If you want, you can accompany me to my car which is parked on the opposite side of the road. I will take you to your house and you can go and change and I will give you a ride to your workplace.”

Hmm…A boy whom I just met 10 minutes ago is giving me a ride. Should I trust him? I don’t even know his name how I could trust him. I should say NO to his offer.

“Actually, you know”

“I am not forcing you, but I hate to see you getting late because of me.”

“ok” I said it little too eager. Remind me to face palm 200 times this time. 

I followed him towards the car with silence following us. I thought of talking to him but remained silent. The place we were heading to there was a new model black car. Hmm..he must be rich. He opened the car door for me. Hmm...gentleman, wow!!. As i entered the car my leg hit the car and i being the clumsy self fell down in the seat with force. 

"Are you ok?" he asked with concern crossing his face.

"yea, I am." i replied

He came to his side and sat gracefully, unlike me. He started the car engine and here we begun the journey to my apartment. After a silence of 2 minutes he broke the silence. Atlast!!

"Opps!! Sorry i forgot to introduce myself. By the way I am Zayn." he said

Hmm...Zayn, unique name.

"Hi Zayn!! I am Annabael, but please call me Anna." I replied with a polite smile.

"So where do you work?"

"I work at starbucks"

"ohh!!!" Again silence takes place.


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