How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


9. Betrayed!!

As the light started it showed a boy who had curly hair and green eyes. He was wearing a blazer. Another boy had his hair in a quiff, but not like Zayn. That boy was wearing a polo shirt and was looking cute like a baby. I am wondering what Zayn would be doing right now. I didn’t inform him about my plans. The other boy had his hair swept in one side and he had blue eyes. He was wearing stripes. Another one also had a quiff, but I was not able to see his face clearly as he was standing behind, all I can see that he was wearing a varsity jacket. And the last boy had short hair and brown eyes but not like Zayn’s, and was wearing a plaid t-shirt. As the second para came the quiff one came from behind, and I was shocked to see him.
What? How? Why? These are the questions that were running in my mind. I was shocked, confused and stunned to see those brown orbs staring directly at me as if he expected me to be here. And the most important question is why didn’t he tell me? Did he think I can’t keep his secret?  My jaw dropped and hit the ground. I couldn’t see anything else happening around me all I could see was him. Someone was shaking me vigorously. It was Katie, she was telling me something, but I was too occupied with myself that I couldn’t hear. My vision got blurred as tears started streaming down my face. That’s when I realized, how much he is important in my life. I loved him with my whole heart, but the betrayal part overlapped it.
I wanted to leave but my legs didn’t accept my decision. My eyes didn’t leave his. Wherever he went, my eyes followed and met with his. But his voice was like an angel. And indeed, he is an angel. Now I realized Alice’s weird behavior and his behavior when we were out. Why I didn’t know anything about him?
From one side Katie was trying to tell me something and on other side girls were screaming, some were screaming ‘MARRY ME ZAYN’. I always knew, he can easily make a girl fall in love, but I didn’t know the number was millions and I am one of them. How I hated everything that is happening to me-I meeting him, falling in love, him hiding his profession, and not telling who really he is. Was I not that much trustworthy? I wanted to get out of this place and be in my flat and cry my heart out.  
My tears didn’t stop. Some girls were giving me weird looks and others were giving me death glare because of him. And Katie was trying to pacify me.
As the concert came to an end, I was the first person to be out of the arena. At the concert all I did was crying, crying and crying. Thoughts were running on my mind that I was betrayed by the one who completely changed my life, who gave a new look to my world, and he taught me how to be in love and be loved. And  he became my world but now everything seems to change. As I was walking to get a cab, someone yelled my name, but I was not ready to face anyone, so I took a cab and went to my flat and cried. Whole night Zayn was on my mind. How I hate to say that I am in love with Zayn, even though he is now impossible to be with. With that thought I fell asleep.





thanks for reading my what do you think zayn is going to do? will he come and explain to her or leave her. and btw story is coming to an end.!!! love u all!! :)xx

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