Apollo 13

Blurb: This is a scripted version of what happened on Apollo 13 in my own theory of how it must have fely


2. Scene 2

Scene 2

(Lights back up on the same scene but with red flashing lights and John is standing panicking)

(Voice over) April 13 1970

(Panting) I... I don’t know what’s happening I’m so so scared the crew they (looks to his left) they say it’s all my fault (crew pointing and silently blaming him) but I...I  pressed the button. (Struggling to breathe) I can’t breathe the oxygen it’s running out my (pants) head its...it’s  burning the shuttles spinning; they....they  tell me I’m an idiot wrong button they keep yelling at me but I can’t hear them. (Breathes in deeply) the pain in my head is unbearable. Houston is talking to the commander but all I can hear is the blood pounding in my ears. (Sobbing then gasps) I can’t have a meltdown here that would just prove that I’m an idiot but what can I do.

Why... why did I do it? Why did I press the wrong button? Why am I such an idiot? It’s...it’s all my fault I know that the crew are telling the truth now that I have calmed down I understand. (Dramatic pause 3 seconds) hang on a minute how come I haven’t just called for help and told Houston about our problem. If I do that then the crew will have to forgive me for the problem because I will have saved their lives. Yes ill do it... I will save everyone (Frowning) Wait that’s not my job I should just step back and let the commander do it besides he has the microphone anyway so...

(James Lovell grabs the mic and screams) HUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

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