Blown Away!!

What do you think would happen if a tornado hit your home town? Here's what I think.


1. Blown Away!!!!

Silence! Silence everywhere you go! Except for the quiet sploshing water covering the valley in the distance! The terrible tremors running through the ground. Silence! Silence everywhere you go! People running as far as they can go, trying to get away from the tremendous flooding waves. The cries of the distraught, the beeping of cars and the quiet moans of the helpless, reaching his ears from miles upon miles away. He couldn't believe the terrible events which were taking place. He never would of thought that an earthquake would ever reach this far into England. He never would of thought he would ever see the day that a tsunami would devastate London, Blackburn, Birmingham and even Manchester. He never could of imagined the day in which a hurricane carved its way through the middle of the peak district. Despite all of that, he didn't care about any of the distraught citizens, or the quiet, constant moaning of injured civilians. He just didn't care about any of them. All he thought about was getting to his parents house, yet fear was inching up his windpipe and closing up his throat. A searing pain arched through his heart as his eyes laid sight upon a massive heap of debris. He really couldn't believe what he was actually seeing. His own parents estate, reduced to nothing more than a bombsite. In the distance he could see a massive storm cloud and lightning strikes hitting the ground, coming through the tempest fog. Underneath it, he could see a colossal hurricane, which looked like a vacuum of dust and it also seems to be getting its fuel from some unknown source as though it was an unlimited source of power. The swirling mass of beyond gale force winds, which were creating a dust cloud in its path. He raced towards a pile of yellow bricks, his parents house. He couldn't see them anywhere. All he saw was something that made him puke. It was mangled flesh littering the stones. In his heart he knew it was his father and his mother, yet he still hoped and believed that they were still alive. Up until he saw a diamond encrusted golden earring attached to a persons ear. It was his gift to his mother. For her birthday. She never went out anyway without them. That's what tipped him over the edge. Just like that, he broke down crying. tears streaming from his eyes not stopping all night, as he sobbed all night. He was thinking in his head over and over again "How could this happen!" But he always had a sliver of hope within him. He had worked out in his head that the mangled flesh's mass could only of been enough for one person, his mother. Not his father...!

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