Lily Potter and The Eight Zones of The World

It's Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts and she's really excited. From what she had heard from her older brothers, James and Albus, and her cousin, Rose, Hogwarts sounded amazing. But then a new Dark Lord comes into power and steal the Wizarding World's protective relic, the Sword of Gryffindor. Will Lily be able to stop the Dark Lord before the Eight Zones of the world fall under his rule?


10. Chapter 9

I woke up with a thumping headache. Once I’d got my vision back, I saw Albus, James, Hugo and Rose sitting by my bed.  “Lily, you’re OK!” Rose sighed with relief. Then Madame Moorcroft, the school nurse, came over with a glass of water. I took as sip as Mum and Dad rushed in.


“Oh, Lily, I so glad you’re OK.” Mum said squeezing me tight. “Excuse me, Mrs Potter, but your daughter has some special guests who wanted to speak to her.” Professor McGonagall announced with Cole Dockery, Una Swinn, Bradley Hansford, Her Royal Highness Queen Priscilla XVII, Leo Skeef, Brittany Hitchins, Wayne Harpic and Camille Malone behind her. “We want to thank you, Miss Potter, for your bravery and courage.” Leo Skeef said with a smile.


“I’ve never seen a girl like you, with such heroism.” Brittany Hitchins praised. “Never is my life or afterlife have I meet such a willing young lady.” Queen Priscilla grinned. I listened carefully to all of the praise. Once they had finished I was left alone with Mum and Dad. “We are so proud of you, Lily.” Mum sobbed with joy. Then both Mum and Dad hugged me.


After talking to Mum and Dad, I had to join the other students in the Great Hall for dinner. “Due to yesterday’s tragic event,” Professor McGonagall began “We lost many students and staff. So in honour of them, we will sit in silence for a minute.” Once that was said the whole school plus members of the Ministry, bowed their heads in remembrance. It was like what muggles do on the 11th November. Or was in 9th September?


Once the silence was lifted, everyone faced the front of the room. “That silence was in honour of the following names. Ella Rowles, Norman Fredricks, Florence Hoskins, Felix Norville, Professor Martha Brushett…” The list went on and on. I heard a few familiar names like “Xylie Berry” and “Mark Cramp”. But when Professor McGonagall said “Annie Blanchard” I saw James’ eyes well up with tears. I thought it was funny as well as sad. Funny because I’d never seen James cry.


Then after Professor McGonagall finished the list, she said “Now due to the amount of damage to the school, we’ll have to send students home early. Letters have been sent out to parents already so that students can leave tomorrow.” After dinner, me and Hugo went to say goodbye to the girls. Everyone was really sad that they had to leave. But when Hugo said goodbye to Angelica, she gave him a hug then kissed him on the cheek. Hugo’s face turned as red as his hair.


I giggled at this then went up to start packing. It was weird only having four girls in the room. Beryl was really upset since Xylie was her best friend, but Dana, Viola and I comforted her. So the next day was home time. Since our parents were already there, James, Albus and I apparated home with Mum and Dad. Before we left I took one last glance at Hogwarts.


It didn’t look much different to what it did back in September. But I knew that up close it was badly damaged. “Lily,” Albus interrupted my daydream “Are you sad you’re going home?” I smiled “Oh, Al, I’m not going home. Not really.” Dad looked down at me with a broad grin. “That’s my girl.” He said as the sight of Hogwarts spun out of sight.

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