Lily Potter and The Eight Zones of The World

It's Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts and she's really excited. From what she had heard from her older brothers, James and Albus, and her cousin, Rose, Hogwarts sounded amazing. But then a new Dark Lord comes into power and steal the Wizarding World's protective relic, the Sword of Gryffindor. Will Lily be able to stop the Dark Lord before the Eight Zones of the world fall under his rule?


8. Chapter 7

A few months past and it was April. No attacks so far. But one day during Transfiguration, there was a massive crash coming from the Great Hall. Professor McCloud told us to go into outside. The whole class filed out of the classroom and outside into the courtyard.


Hugo and I found, Rose, Albus and James. “OK, we’ll need to stick together, no matter what.” James said. “You two will need to stay out of sight.” Albus continued. “But Al, I want to fight.” I demanded. “No, it’s too dangerous.” snapped Rose. Then a whole army of Death Eaters appeared in the courtyard. Professor McGonagall was standing at the front of the crowd of Hogwarts students and staff. A hooded figure was standing at the front of the crowd of Death Eaters, looking very intimidating.


“Surrender now, McGonagall and nobody gets hurt.” The figure ordered. “Never!” Professor McGonagall barked. “But we don’t have enough people to defeat them all.” Hugo whispered to me. But then coming from the direction of the Forbidden Forest, seven armies emerged. Each army being led by the Zone leaders, President Swinn, Prime Minister, Bradley Hansford, Queen Priscilla XVII, President Skeef, Prime Minister Brittany Hitchins, President Harpic and muggle Prime Minister, Camille Malone.


The armies joined the crowd of students and staff. Even Cole Dockery was there. Both good and evil armies were massive. After a minutes silence, both armies started to attack. Me and Hugo clung tightly to each other. Then we saw the girls come over to us. “We’ve been looking all over for you!” Angelica said hugging Hugo. This made Hugo blush as red as his hair. “Now you all know the plan, right?” I asked.


The girls nodded. “What about you, Lily?” Anabelle asked. I didn’t really want to tell them what I was about to tell them but what choice did I have? “I’m going to go after Malcolm.”  They all gasped. “Lily, you can’t!” Amaris squealed. “Amaris’ right, Lily,” Hugo said, “Plus remember what James, Al and Rosie said.”

“Damn what they said!” I shouted, “I’m going after his even if it kills me!” The girls and Hugo all decided to let me get on with it.


So when everyone split up, I search wildly for the Dark Lord. People were dying already. But I had to end it before all Zones fall under Malcolm’s rule. Or we’ll be living in complete darkness for all eternity.

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