Lily Potter and The Eight Zones of The World

It's Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts and she's really excited. From what she had heard from her older brothers, James and Albus, and her cousin, Rose, Hogwarts sounded amazing. But then a new Dark Lord comes into power and steal the Wizarding World's protective relic, the Sword of Gryffindor. Will Lily be able to stop the Dark Lord before the Eight Zones of the world fall under his rule?


5. Chapter 4

For the next few months, I’d been sneaking out to talk to the girls. I even had to explain to Isla about magic. It took her a while to understand but she understood in the end. Albus has been getting suspicious about why I’m always using his invisibility cloak.


But one faithful day during dinner, Professor McGonagall made an urgent announcement. “The Sword of Gryffindor has been stolen,” she said “But it wasn’t a student. I fear, not just Hogwarts but the whole of the Wizarding World is in grave danger. If attack are place on Hogwarts students or staff, we’ll have to close.”

“Who did it, Professor?” Rose called out. Professor McGonagall sighed “I’m afraid, Miss Weasley, that a new Dark Lord had risen.”


Even though she was speaking straight at Rose, everyone had heard what Professor McGonagall had said. I knew very little about the old Dark Lord. All I knew was that Voldemort, the old dark lord, killed my Granddad James and Grandma Lily, whom I’m named after, plus he tried to kill my dad. But Voldemort was killed twenty years ago. And apparently a new Dark Lord may be planning to attack right this second.


That night I went to talk to the girls. “That’s terrible!” Bailey squeaked. “I know,” I said “With the Sword of Gryffindor gone, who knows what the Dark Lord’ll do to us.” The others were really worried. But then it was time for me to leave. So I said my goodbyes and headed back to Hogwarts. But as I took off the cloak to say the common room password, I was caught in the act by Filch. “Potters,” he mumbled as he marched me to Professor Longbottom’s office “You never learn.”


“Mr Filch, may I ask why you’ve brought a student to see?” Professor Longbottom asked. “Well, Professor,” Filch began “I caught this little brat out of bed.”

“Miss Potter, is this true?” Professor Longbottom questioned me. “Yes, Professor.” I admitted. Once Filch left the room, Professor Longbottom looked back at me. “I’m very disappointed in you, Miss Potter,” he said “You’re not allowed out of bed during curfew, that’s the rule.”


“But Professor, I…”

“No buts, Miss Potter,” he said looking very disappointed “I’m going to take fifty points from Gryffindor for your actions. Now straight back to bed please.” I huffed and went back to the common room. 

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