History of the Marauders

When James turns eleven, he's allowed to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he met his new friends Sirius, Remus and Peter and they become the Marauders. They dominate the school with all kind of jokes and are very good at bullying Severus Snape, a boy from Slytherin. Meet these guys and take part in their story at Hogwarts.


3. Hogwarts Epxress

James arrived with his parents on the train station in London. He had to go to platform 9 ¾ , though he didn’t know what that had to mean.  How could a ¾ platform exist, James thought when he had read the letter of Hogwarts.

Mr. Potter came with a cart en put James’s case and owl on it.

“Come James, about 15 minutes the train departs.” He said.

They walked to platform 9 and 10.

“Where is platform 9 ¾ ?” James asked.

“You see that wall over there, between platform 9 and 10? That’s where we need to go.” Said Ms. Potter.

James raised his eyebrow. “How can we walk through a wall? Even in our world that isn’t possible, is it?”

“Wait and see!” His father laughed and ran with the cart towards the wall. Just at the moment James thought his father would crash, he closed his eyes. But when he opened them again, his father was gone.


“Come,” Ms. Potter took James’ arm and pulled him with her. Together they ran towards the wall and suddenly they were somewhere else.

It was another platform, with an enormous black train. Big clouds floated already out of the train.

James looked at the sign. ‘Platform 9 ¾ ‘ it said, with underneath ‘Hogwarts Express’.

“It’s crowded this year.” Everywhere parents and children were saying goodbye to each other.

“Well James, I wish you a good time at Hogwarts.” His mother hugged him and gave a kiss on his cheek.

James gave his dad also a hug.

“Don’t do stupid things, eh!” His father said with a wink.

“Don’t give the boy wrong ideas!” Ms. Potter said to her husband.

James laughed and entered the train.

Inside, it was much more crowded than outside. Every cabin where he wanted to sit was already full.

In one of the latest cabins he saw a boy and girl of his age.

“Hey, can I sit here?” James asked.

“Yeah, sure. There sits another boy here, but he’s saying goodbye to his parents.” The girl with red hair said. She had a sweet face with bright blue eyes.

On the other side of her sat the boy. He had black hair until his shoulders and dark eyes. He also had an uncertain look on his face. James thought it looked quite funny. He doesn’t talk much I guess, he thought.

The girl saw James staring at the boy. “So, uhm, I’m Lily, and this is Severus Snape. He’s a really good friend of mine. What’s your name?”

“I’m James Potter.” He answered and he had to keep his laugh.  With that name, the boy really is a turd, he thought.

Outside the whistle sounded and seconds later the train began to move. James’ parents came standing before the window and waved. “Bye James!”
James waved back.

Finally it was time, finally he could go to Hogwarts.

When his parents were out of sight he sat down. Suddenly there was the boy who wasn’t before.

“Hey.” James said curtly and sat with his arms crossed.

“Hey.” The boy answered curtly back.

“Uh. You guys know each other already?” Lily asked.

“Kinda.” The boy said again.

“He called my family arrogant.” James said still curtly and looked angrily at Sirius.

“You laughed at me.”

“So? Still you won’t have to call my family arrogant!” James said a bit louder now.

“But it is─”

Guys! Stop it!” Lily called. “We’re not even at Hogwarts and you guys already have a fight.” She looked angrily at the boys. “Ok. Different subject. In which house do you guys think you come? James?”

“Gryffindor.” He said, still angrily watching Sirius.

“And why is that?”

James sighed. “Because my whole family was in Gryffindor.”

“And because they’re arrogant!” Sirius suddenly yelled.

“Arrogant people won’t join Gryffindor, you dolt!” James yelled louder.

“Guys!” Lily screamed. “Quit it, ok?”

None of the boys answered her.

Lily sighed. “Ok. Sirius, which house do you think you’ll join?” She asked him. Apparently they already have met each other, because she knew his name.

“Slytherin for sure, my whole family was in it.” He answered.

“Oh, I hope we’ll be sorted in Slytherin too, eh Sev?”

“Yes indeed.” Severus said with a shy smile. “My whole family joined that house too.”

“And we’re great friends so I hope I’ll be with Sev.” Lily said with a big smile.

James rolled his eyes. They’re all toadies to me, James thought.

“What’s up, James? Jealous we’ll all be in Slytherin, except for you, eh?” Sirius asked in a teasing way.

“Never in my life!” James yelled. “I don’t know what your parents told you about my family, but we’re absolutely not arrogant. You and your family are the ones that are arrogant. Give me one reason we should be the arrogant ones!”

Lily sighed and let herself lean back. “It just went so good.” She said to Severus who looked uncertain at her.

“Because you’re blood traitors!” Sirius yelled.

Lily almost jumped up. “Blood traitors?! How can you just say that about someone, Sirius?” She asked him full disbelief.

Sirius was startled about Lily now. “M-my family says it.”

“Oh yeah, and so do you? Just because you’re family says so?” James yelled. “So you’re such a person who only cares about pure-bloods, like the rest of your family?”

Sirius held his lips stiff together.

“Do you even know what it means, blood traitors? And why you’re family calls us that way?” James asked.

Sirius still didn’t answer him.

James sighed. Aaand the big mouth was gone, James thought. He thought Sirius would know what blood traitor meant.

“Your family consists only of pure-blood wizards, just like my family. The only difference between us, is that you’re family hates halfbloods and mudbloods. We don’t hate them, why should we. A wizard is a wizard. But that’s why your parents calls us blood traitors, ‘cause we’re pure-bloods but we don’t hate half- and mudbloods.”

In the first place, Sirius didn’t answer. James thought Sirius would be ashamed now, because he wasn’t right.

“That’s not true!” Sirius yelled suddenly.

James looked at him dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry? And why do you think I’m not right, eh?” James got angry again. He was completely lost in understanding Sirius.

“Well─” Sirius began.

“Oh, shut up! You’re just a mollycoddle and do whatever your parents say!” James yelled and burst out of the cabin, looking for another one.

He was so angry, that he clenched his fists.


A couple of cabins further, he saw a spot. There was just one boy in the cabin. He had sandy colored hair and blue eyes.

James shoved the door open. “Hey, can I sit here?”

“Yeah, sure.” The boy said.

James sat down on the opposite of the boy and looked out of the window. He felt the boys’ eyes burn on his face.

“Is something wrong?” James asked surly without looking at the boy.

“No. Yes, actually. Why are your fists clenched like that?” He asked.

James looked at his hands. His knuckles where already deathly pale. He let his muscles relax and felt the blood run through his fingers again.

“Oh uh. I just had a fight, with another first year.”

“Oh, ok.” The boy looked at James for a while and then looked outside.

“It’s lovely here, don’t you think?” The boy asked after a while.

James started to like the boy already. Probably because the boy didn’t pay attention at his crankiness.

“Yes indeed. All those hills, and it’s totally deserted.”

It already was getting dark outside and the sun was getting down on their side of the train. The area through which they travelled was all hilly, scattered with some trees and sheep. It was a beautiful sight with the sunset.

“So, what’s your name actually?” James asked the boy.

“Remus, Remus Lupin.” The boy answered. “And your name is?” He asked with a smile.

“I’m James Potter.” He smiled back. “Which house do you think you’ll join?”

“Hm, I hope Gryffindor, but I don’t know really. How about you?”

“I hope Gryffindor too. But I almost sure I’m in that house. My whole family was in it.” James said. “Finally I’ve found someone who wants to be in Gryffindor too.” He laughed and leant back.

“Haha, why’s that?” Remus asked.

“Oh, I just had a fight with somebody called Sirius Black. His family thinks my family are blood traitors and arrogant. He wants to be in Slytherin. And the other two who were in the cabin wants to be in Slytherin too.

James saw Remus’ eyebrow raising. “Blood traitors?!” He said. “Why should you just call somebody a blood traitor? That’s nonsense!”

“Yes, I’m glad you think the same as I do.” He began. “They call us blood traitors ‘cause we’re purebloods, but don’t hate half- and mudbloods. I don’t understand why we should be blood traitors by thinking like that.”

“Oh wow, that’s pretty serious.” Remus said.

Just at that moment a fat women came walking before the cabin with a big cart. It was just at the right moment, because James didn’t want to talk about that subject anymore.

“Hello guys, do you want something from the cart?” She asked.

“Wow!” James and Remus said together. They both had never seen so much candy.

“We want chocofrogs, exploding bonbons, jelly slugs, bertie bott’s every flavor beans and shock-o-choc, please.” James said.

After he had paid, Remus looked at him admiringly. “How can you pay that?” He asked James.

“Haha, my parents gave me some money. They said I had to treat, so I did!” James laughed.

For the next hours in the train they enjoyed their sweets and talked a lot. James noticed that Remus didn’t tell much about his youth and himself. Perhaps later, Jams thought. He was already glad he had found someone nice.

Then a bell rang.

“Dear students, in an hour we will arrive at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. All students are required to put their robes on. When we’ll arrive the first years will go with boats to the school. The rest of the students will go to school with carriages.”

The two boys changed clothes and waited to arrive at Hogsmeade.  

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