History of the Marauders

When James turns eleven, he's allowed to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he met his new friends Sirius, Remus and Peter and they become the Marauders. They dominate the school with all kind of jokes and are very good at bullying Severus Snape, a boy from Slytherin. Meet these guys and take part in their story at Hogwarts.


2. Diagon Alley

The sun stood high on the blue sky. James and his parents walked in to Diagon Alley. James had never seen so many wizards on one place. The whole shopping district was full with black and all other sorts of colored robes. Children ran around with bags full with candy and joke items.
“Ha, they’ve been to Gambol & Japes Wizarding Joke Shop.” Mr. Potter said. “Shall we go to Twilfitt and Tatting’s first? It will get crowded there I think.”

James followed his parents to the store. The bell rang when they walked in, and indeed, it was really crowded already. You couldn’t turn or you already bumped against something.

“Welcome!” Someone shouted from behind the store. “I’ll be with you in a second, it’s quite crowded as you can see!”

James saw it wasn’t only crowded, but chaotic too. Everywhere you looked, you saw flying tape measures and different robes through the store.

“Stand still, Sirius, if you move like that you can’t be measured.” James turned around and saw a boy of his age standing on a stool, arms spread. “I don’t want you to come back here because you robe won’t fit. I don’t want you to look silly if you’re in Slytherin.”

James raised his eyebrow. How could they already know he’s in Slytherin? Maybe the Sorting hat will place him in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

The Sorting hat is a thinking and talking hat that will place the first years in a one of the four houses. He chooses based on the character and past of the person.

De boy named Sirius had half long and curly brown hair and blue eyes.

“Yes mum.” James heard him say.

James turned around and at that moment the owner came walking through the crowd.

“I’m sorry it took so long.” He looked at James. “First year, I guess?” James nodded. The owner walked around James, measured sometimes and then said with a smile: “Yes, I know enough, a standard size for you.”  He swished his wand and then a whole packet came flying through the store. James took it and his parents paid the owner.


Once outside his father looked at the list. “Ollivanders now?”

Together they walked to Ollivanders and went inside. It was a dark store with walls full of little boxes. There were more than a thousand wands. High ladders were standing against the walls.

“Ah, welcome! And who are you?” A bit smaller and old man came from behind the counter.

“I’m James and I’m here to buy a wand.” James said proudly.

“Ah, let me see you.” He looked sharply at James. “Hm, yes, yes, yes.” He muttered to himself. He walked to the back of the store and climbed a ladder. He came back with a box and slid it open before James so he could take it.

“Eleven inches, mahogany wood, a little pliable and a core of dragon blood. Come on, try it, swish it!”

James swished his wand and firstly thought never had happened. But then he heard his parents giggle and he looked at Mr. Ollivander. His hair stood straight up.

“Ha! I think this one is perfect for you. I’m glad you didn’t blow up anything, like most first years do!” He laughed out loud and quickly put his hair straight.

With a weird image of Mr. Ollivander and happy with his new wand he walked out of the store.


After they visited another couple of stores they came by Flourish and Blotts, the magical bookstore.

James was shocked about the quantity of books he had to take to Hogwarts. And not to forget, he had to learn.  How can I ever learn all these books, he thought. He had stared at his books with his mouth open when he heard sniggering behind him.

“Already a difficulty with your books?”

It was the boy, Sirius, from the clothing shop.

“Nah, I’m not, but I think you have a difficulty with measuring.” He answered with a mean smile. “I finished quickly though.”

Sirius’ eyes spit fire, that’s how angry he was. “You’re one of the Potters, eh?”

“How do you know?”

“Everybody recognizes an arrogant Potter.” Now Sirius gave a mean smile and walked away.

James just wanted to go after Sirius when his parents called him. “Come James, we’re done here. You want an ice-cream?”


At Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour it, of course, was crowded too. It was a warm day and the shop had so much choice, some people were standing there for over ten minutes because they couldn’t choose.

James didn’t get Sirius out of his mind. How dared he call his family arrogant? Actually, he wasn’t hungry anymore. Should he tell his parents about Sirius? He decided he should.

“Mum?” He carefully pulled on his mother’s robe. “Mum, a boy just called our family arrogant. His name was Sirius.”

“Arrogant? Hm, that should be one of the Blacks, isn’t it Hun?” She asked her husband.

“The Blacks?” James asked.

“Yes, that’s a family with only pure-bloods. And they hate half-bloods, Muggles, Muggle-borns and blood traitors.

“And then they call us arrogant?!” James asked indignantly. “But we are pure-bloods too, why do they call us arrogant?”

“Yes, but we don’t hate all those people I just called. A wizard is a wizard. Even if he or she is a pure-blood, half-blood or Muggle-born. Actually, our families didn’t have a good relationship for years. We both think it’s rubbish how we think about pure-bloods.” Mr. Potter told James.

“Ok.” James said. He was still angry. No one can do anything about it if he or she isn’t a pure-blood, James thought.

“Well, enough about this rubbish thing now. What kind of ice-cream do you want? I think I’ll take potato and cheese.” Ms. Potter said.

James and his father choose their ice-cream and a couple of minutes later they said outside on a bench, enjoying their ice-cream. Except for James. He was still thinking about Sirius and his family. 

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