Maybe I can love you ...

Alexis Hellford is 19. She is some what living her dream, she has fans, money, fame, but she's missing something. Love. One day management tells her she will be starting as an opening act for One Direction. That name rings a bell. She saw them a couple of times on the X-Factor but they hadn't ever really talked before. She has now been touring with One Direction for almost a month and it has been hectic. The rumors don't stop buzzing, paparazzi has gotten out of control. Life is getting to complicated for Alexis. Until one day. There she was in the bathroom of the tour bus. She found a pill bottle on the floor. She took them. She passed out. But she forgot one thing. To lock the door. One of the boys may have saved her life. But who? Liam, who's like a brother? Louis, her cuddle buddy? Zayn, her best friend?Niall, her secret admirer? Or Harry, the one she loves the most? Sparks fly, hearts are broken, but the scariest of all, secrets are kept. A lot of them. Read to find out what ! :)


2. Chapter 1


      Hey there! I'm Alexis, Alexis Hellford. I don't say that my story is one of those stories with a 'happy ending' lets say. But my life isn't completely horrible. Now yes it has to do with One Direction. But no I wasn't best friends with one of the band members for my whole life and lost contact with them until they became famous and then we met up again and fell in love. No that dumb shit is far from my story. My story is different. This is a story about me and five boys. I wouldn't say we're in love yet. But me and that certain boy are doing pretty good right now. Now for you to find out who that boy is, you'll just have to read my story and find out. So here it goes.


* This part of the story takes place in January 2010 *

     August 15, 1994

Today was the best day of my life! My beautiful daughter entered the world. Alexis Marie Hellford, is her name. Her father is holding her at the moment with tears in his eyes as I write this. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! She will grow up to be a very beautiful young girl, and possibly meet somebody who will treat her like a princess and make her feel loved. Well I better go, my little princess is being fussy. 

                                      - Elizabeth Hellford

          I read to myself from my moms diary. I read it every day. I love reading about how she lived her life and how I was as a little girl. But her diary eventually ends. And when I come to the ending of her diary, I will have my own diary to make a sequel for my little girl, if I have a little girl. I've already started it. I also write in mine everyday, before I fall asleep. 

           I closed my moms diary, and put it on my nightstand, by my bed. I slowly stood up from my bed and went downstairs to find my dad and my mom talking. I grabbed a banana and found myself sitting on the couch. 

          " Lexi baby, come here for a moment please. " My mother called for me. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom and my dad standing there.

          " Yes mom ? "

          " Well me and your father have been discussing this for a very long time and we've decided that, well, we've heard you sing before and you have a very nice voice. "

          She let my dad continue what she was saying " So we talked about it and decided that you might like it if we told you that, we have signed you up to audition for the X-Factor UK 2010. " My dad told me, my mom and dad both stood there smiling at me. I couldn't believe it. I stood there dumbfounded for about 5 minutes until I let it sink in.

           " Oh my gosh ! Thank you, thank you, thank you ! I love you guys so much ! You guys are seriously the best ! " I yelled to them as I ran up to them forming a group hug. 

           " No listen baby girl, you will leave next year in August. So you have plenty of time before you leave. You're first auditions will be on August 28, 2010. " 

           " Ok dad. But thank you guys so much! I love you guys so much! " I ran up to my room and sat on my bed. I just had to let everything process through. 

I'm going to be on the X-Factor

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