Daisy Upon Sparrow Hill

A long time ago there were once two twins. Their names were Alisha and Alex. Those two were best friends. Alisa and Alex both liked going to Sparrow Hill on sunny mornings. One day at school, Martha, a girl that didn't like Alisa, started spreading rumors about her. Although Alisa knew that Martha was spreading nasty rumors, she didn't even bother saying a word about Martha to Alex. To get Alex on her side she started being all nice to Alex. Soon they became really close friends. During that Alisa had thought of committing suicide. Now Alex would have to choose which destiny he will walk.


4. Peaceful Lunch

For lunch Alisa, Alex, and Margarita were really enjoying them selves. The three had Coulibac and salad. It was really delicious! Then Alisa turned to their mother and said " Mother,you're really good at cooking Coulibac! I can eat 500 pieces of it if you made it for me! " At this joke, they all started laughing. Then Alex said " Alisa,you can't eat that much or else you'll get sick! "

Then Alisa said " Who gets sick from eating Coulibac?! " Margarita then added " If you eat 500 pieces you will. " Alisa thought about and said " That could be true, but we are not sure if that is true! " Then everybody started laughing out more harder. When they came back Alisa and Alex were still laughing.

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