Is This What I Really Want?

Alyssa Rookwood is the daughter of Augustas Rookwood. It is her first year at Hogwarts, but unlike most people, she is dreading it. Pressure is on her to get into Slytherin, Alyssa wants to please her family but also lead a life. Unlike most Death Eater children, Alyssa isn't blinded by 'the dark side'.


1. My Hogwarts Letter

A loud tapping on my window woke me up. I groaned and snuggled deeper under the duvet. The tapping wouldn't go away. As I realized what it was, I groaned even louder and opened one eye. I could see a tawny owl perched on my window sill glaring at me. I slowly stretched a foot out of bed and placed it on the cold floor. A shiver went through me. Deciding to just get it over with, I tried to smoothly roll out of bed but ended up getting caught in my duvet and falling to the floor. Looking as if I had meant to do that I finally opened the window, the owl dropped the letter, bit my hand, then flew off. I sighed and looked at the envelope on the floor. My Hogwarts letter. Yay (sarcasm intended).


My name is Alyssa Rookwood. Yes, daughter of Augustas Rookwood. Luckily I don't really look much like him. I have his cold, grey eyes but that's it. I managed to get my mums hair. Dark, black curls, which hung down to my waist. I've been growing my hair for years and years, so yes, you should be impressed. Other then my hair, i'm quite boring. You know, pale skin looking as though I've fallen into a bag of flour, quite short for my age, skinny, the usual. I suppose the thing people notice about me is the scars. I have two scars on my face, one under my eye and the other going down the side of my face. Basically it's taught me to never go in a room with my dad when he is angry. Please. i don't know why you're shocked. Are you forgetting that my dad is a spy for You Know Who? He had killed people, he would probably kill me if my mum wasn't around. But don't feel sorry for me or anything, I'm okay. I have my only friend, my cat, Cookie. I was joking you know, please, feel as sorry for me as you wish, not that I'm looking for attention or anything. Ugggghhhhhh, my mum is calling me. Saying something about shopping. I should probably go and see what she wants. 


I was right about the shopping. I have just been forced to open my Hogwarts letter and go to Diagon Alley. Buying all my equipment just reminded me of where I'm going. I'd rather go to Pigfarts. Pigfarts isn't real by the way, it's just a joke me and my 'friend' Draco have. I suppose my wand is quite cool. It is Black Walnut, Unicorn and 10 3/4 inches. The actual wand design is quite plain, but I guess it suits me. I don't like a lot of detail personally. It's been quite a long day so I think i'll have an early night and try not to think about September 1st. 

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