Is This What I Really Want?

Alyssa Rookwood is the daughter of Augustas Rookwood. It is her first year at Hogwarts, but unlike most people, she is dreading it. Pressure is on her to get into Slytherin, Alyssa wants to please her family but also lead a life. Unlike most Death Eater children, Alyssa isn't blinded by 'the dark side'.


6. First Week at Hogwarts

I sent the letter. There I said it. I woke up really early today and I just knew I would worrying all day unless I sent a letter explaining about what house I was in. I managed to find the owlery, with a bit of help from Nearly Headless Nick, and before I chickened out, I just sent the letter! Still, I know I won't relax until I get a reply. The owlery actually took quite a while to find so i'm having to run to potions. Apparently Snape isn't very nice, especially when you're late as well. I really hope I make it on time, I don't want to get in trouble for my first ever lesson!


Okay, I just made it! The others were going in when I arrived. Luckily I have potions with the Hufflepuffs. I don't know why, but i'm not so keen on the other houses. The Slytherins look quite mean, although i'm sure some of them are nice, and the Gryffindors seem a bit like they are showing off a lot of the time. Snape has quite greasy, black hair (i'm sorry, but he does!), and his eyes are all dark and cold. I got paired with Hannah from Hufflepuff. She seems quite nice, she didn't seem to care about my blood status, or who my family was, which made a nice change. We were set to make a 'simple' cure for boils as it was out first lesson. Now, I don't care what Snape says, but a cure for boils is not simple! I completely freaked out when I saw the snake fangs, and I wouldn't touch the nettles! Me and Hannah were trying not to laugh but failing, a lot! Our potion had gone a bright pink, it was suppose to be orange. I have a feeling that potions isn't going to be my best lesson. When Snape inspected out cauldron, his lip curled up and he asked, "What, exactly, is this meant to be?"I could feel my cheeks turning a pale pink, Hannah whole face was slowly turning pink. The whole class was silent and watching. He sneered at us then went to look at the pair next to us. I felt so angry. How dare he humiliate us in front of the class. I glared at his back and he glided to the front of the class. "Class dismissed", he called out in a silky voice. I hurriedly shoved my ingredients into my bag and stalked out the class room. 


Today wasn't too bad after all. Actually, Hogwarts isn't as bad I thought it would be! The first week went by really quickly and I soon found out which lessons to look forward to. History of Magic is incredibly boring! I only listen though because I can appreciate what i'm learning, I mean, I went to a muggle primary school, and these lessons are so much more fun. Most pure-bloods grow up not really appreciating what they have. I'm not blind though. I also don't get what it so bad about Harry Potter. My parents have always gone on about how I should never speak to him because he got rid of You Know Who. I have a few lessons with him though, he has spoken to me and he seems like a perfectly pleasant boy! That Hermione girl is a bit suspicious of me. She has a good memory and is very bright, I reckon that when she heard people whisper about my name at the sorting ceremony, she looked up Rookwood and knows exactly who I am. I am trying to make her see that i'm not not like my parents by smiling at her and talking to Harry, but I don't think it's working. 


I still haven't got a letter from my parents. I'm not stupid enough to write again, if they haven't replied then i'm obviously in big trouble. The only problem is, is that the worry is getting worse and worse everyday. It's like it eating me up, I can't concentrate properly in lessons and i'm not really eating much because i'm so busy trying to catch up with my extra homework. It doesn't help that i'm so pale, the black smudges under my eyes look like charcoal! Oh no, i'm going to be late for transfiguration again! 

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