You Saved Me

She was seventeen, all alone, hurt, abounded, abused, and bullied. She had to face the big cruel world, on her own, with no one by her side. What if one day, she decides to end it all? but five certain boys save her. What if they take her in, to live with them? What if she falls for one of them? Will she receive more hate? but most importantly will she make it through? A story full of Romance, Hate, and so much more, a story that goes by the name, 'You Saved Me'


2. Protected

Zayn's Pov: Today, we had a day off, from work, so me and the boys, decided to explore, London more, not the main streets and stuff, because we surely didn't want to get mobbed by fans. You could say, we were walking in an alley, we were just talking about, everything that has been happening in our lives, and how thankful we are, to our fans, they're amazing, we simply love them, to death.


At the end of the alley, was a bridge, well more like an abounded bridge, there was a flowing lake, beneath it, that absolutely no one could swim in it, not even Michael Phelps.


I looked at the lads, and then back at the bridge. 'Hey lads, wanna go check out that bridge?' I asked them, they all shrugged, I smiled, as we all made our way to the bridge.


As we got a better view of it, there was a girl, who her back was turned to us, standing on the edge, she looked like she was about to jump, I stared at the boys with wide eyes, as they stared back at me, with also wide eyes.


We walked behind her quietly, we stood there listening to her speak, at the end of her little speech, I had tears by my eyes, and I'm pretty sure, the boys did too, and just as she was about to jump, I quickly pulled her back, as we both fell backwards.


'Y-you s-saved m-me.' the girl, who had turned to face us now, said. Wow, she was the most beautiful girl, I've ever seen, -No! shut up Zayn! you have Perrie!- I smiled weakly at her, and nodded. 'B-but w-why?' she asked me, tears swelling in her eyes, I smiled at her, and shrugged.


'Because, no body deserves to end their life, you have so much to live for, you shouldn't do such a thing! now, if you don't mind me asking, why would you want to end your life?' I asked, her standing up, and pulling her up to her feet, she sighed shaking her head.


'Personal stuff.....look, thank you for saving me, but please don't do it ever again, because you ruined my chance! It was all going to end! I was finally going to be happy!' she stared angrily at me.


I ignored her, I can't judge her, I don't know her name, or her story, like they say, -don't judge a book by it's cover- 'So whats your name?' I asked her smiling, but she didn't smile back, she just glared at me, I shrugged.


'I'm Zayn, that's Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis.' She rolled her eyes, 'wait you don't know us?' I asked her, she shook her head, 'should I know you?' I shrugged, 'oh um, well, I uh just thought you did, because, we're famous, and stuff.' I explained to her, trying to make her see, that we're not spoiled celebrities, who act like they're royal.


She sighed, 'Well, I don't know you, so bye now! go on to your famous lives, and continue doing what you do, and leave me with my normal life, yeah? kay! bye!' she said rolling her eyes.


'You know, we just basically saved your life, we were trying to help you! you don't need to be rude to us!' Liam, scolded her, then suddenly tears swelled up in her eyes, she shook her head, and bit her lip, I think she was trying to prevent the tears from falling.


'You're right! I'm sorry, its just that, there's so much going on in my life, and, I'm sorry, please, just please don't hurt me' she whimpered, I think my heart broke into million pieces, I pulled her in for a hug, as she cried into my chest.


Liam walked up to her, as she looked at him, he wiped away her tears, and pulled her into a hug, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry' she repeated to Liam, he smiled, and kissed her forehead, 'S'okay love, I'm sorry too, I never meant to sound so mean' she shook her head, 'no you did the right thing!' we all smiled, although, I wished I was the one holding her, like that, -wait, I didn't say that!-.'


Well, um girl, that I don't know your name, don't you think its getting late? I bet your parents are worrying about you love, where do you live? we could walk you there, so that you don't have to walk alone, at night.' Louis said, smiling at her, she gulped, as he mentioned her parents, she shook her head, quickly may I add.


'Uh, no, I don't wanna go home, please, just you guys can go, I'll stay here, but thank you all again for saving me life, especially you Zayn' she said smiling at me, causing my stomach to flip, oh gosh I sound like a teenage girl -remember Perrie, Malik, remember Perrie- I smiled back, pulling her into a hug, and so did all the boys.


'Wait! no, we can't just leave you here by yourself! its night, and its dangerous, and we can't risk, the fact that you can jump again!' Niall said, Niall was a really caring guys, that was one of the best things about him.


'Yeah! I agree with Niall, I think that you should stay the night with us!' Harry smiled warmly at her, as we all agreed, nodding along, she looked scared at first, she sighed nervously, before smiling, also nervously, she nodded, as we all started our journey back home, I put my arm, around her shoulders, and whispered in her ear.


'Don't worry, we can never, hurt you.' And it was the truth, I felt this urge to protect her, like she was the princess, and I was the armor, I had to keep her safe, from the villain, which was also known as the big cruel world, she has to face the world, but I promise that she doesn't have to face it alone.


'Grace' she whispered, I turned around and looked at her confused, she smiled at me, 'my name is Grace.'  I smiled, she was a beautiful brunette, with beautiful blue eyes, she was really skinny, and did I mention that she was beautiful? Well even if I did, before, I'll keep reminding you and myself, that she was beautiful.


Just like every single one of you is.


ps: pretend that she looks like Miley Cyrus, but with the long brown hair, yeah? thanks.

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