Faithfulness at its finest...

One accident at warped and Austin Carlile comes to the rescue. Does Haley fall in love with her savior? We shall find out...


4. 4.) one simple question


Phil woke Austin and I up telling me that we arrived to my house. Austin had his chin rested on the top of my head, he seemed quite comfortable. My house isn't big but it's big enough for me and a roommate. "Hey Haley would you mind if I used your bathroom?" Phil asked jumping around on both feet. "Uh yeah." I replied carefully getting out of Austin's lap and out of the car. "Austin you wanna come in for a minute?" I asked. "Yeah. Haha um Phil can you help me out? My foots asleep." Austin asked with a blush making its way onto his cheeks. "Here you go Phil. I'll help Austin out." I tossed Phil my keys. "It's the blue key and the bathroom is first door on the right." I told Phil hoping he wouldn't judge my house. "Oh okay. Thank you so much." He replied. "Haha no problem." I said with a smile. "Okay Austin let's go." I said holding my hands out. "Can you support all my weight? I don't wanna hurt you anymore than I already have." He said while his eyes started to tear up. "Oh darling I'll be okay." "But Haley." "But Austin" I said in the same tone. I wiped the single tear that rolled down his cheek. I bent down and looked up at Austin and kissed his cheek. "Austin it isn't your fault about the concert thing. It was a complete accident. Your fans were enjoying themselves. You should be proud. Your fans were going crazy over you guys. Just a bit too crazy." I said giving Austin a small smile. "I'm really sorry Haley." He replied putting a few pieces if my hair behind my ear. "Austin darling don't be. Now come on. Let's go find Phil and let you use the bathroom." I said standing back up grabbing Austin's hands. I pulled him up and threw his arm around my shoulder.

He limped and limped until we finally reached my couch. He carefully sat down. "Wow this couch is really comfortable." Austin said bouncing up and down. "I know. It was expensive." I said smiling. Phil came walking back in. "Do you guys want something to drink?" I asked trying to have manners. "Do you have monster?" Austin asked. "Well of course. What flavor?" "Original." Austin said. I walked to the kitchen and came back out with three monsters. Both Austin and Phil said thank you. "So what are you guys doing after you leave her? As in, my house." I asked sitting beside Austin. "Most likely finding somewhere to sleep or back to the bus." Austin said. "Alan is most likely drunk and Aaron is most likely tipsy and Tino us probably sober watching over them." Phil said with a smile. "Yeah most likely." Austin said laughing. "Oh haha." I said trying not to burst out laughing. "Hey I'll be right back Tino's calling me." Phil said running outside. "So you live here by yourself?" Austin said trying to make a conversation. "Well I do now. My uh boyfriend dumped me earlier." I said looking down. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know." Austin said. "I'm actually really happy now. I have my Xbox back to myself and I don't have to worry about him... Uh being nosy." I said looking at Austin. "Haley um did he beat you?" Austin said sitting closer to the edge of the Couch and closer to me. He brought my face up to his and I replied with "yes." I started to cry and Austin brought me close to him. I cried for about five minutes and told Austin what he had done. I showed him my shoulders. He kissed my shoulders and he kissed my wrists. Yes I self harm. He almost started crying but I asked him how he knew about my wrists. He replied and said that earlier when I fell asleep he saw my wrists as I was messing with my bracelets. "There's no need to do that." Austin said holding my hands. "I'm sorry Austin." I said trying not to break down in front of Austin. He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"Okay so the rest of the band is already out. Like Alan got drunk and passed out on the toilet. And Aaron has been on the phone and Tino was just on YouTube." Phil exclaimed walking back in. "So I guess we'll just find a place stay tonight." Austin said looking at me and Phil. I couldn't help but think of one thing. Just one simple question but we barely actually know each other. I wanted to ask Austin and Phil to stay the night at my place.

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