Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


38. Wtf

I've been at the hospital for the last month, i've hardly slept at all, i didn't want to risk it incase my mum passed away and i wasn't there for her. I looked over at her, her body looked lifeless, she could of passed for dead if it wasn't for her chest slowly raising up and down.

Someone walked into the room, i snapped my head to see Justin standing there

"Fay" he began

"Save it, I'm not going to do whatever it is" I sighed

"You'll get ill" he mumbled

"Then so be it" i hissed

Justin hung his head, and a wave of guilt rushed over my, i felt horrible. I was taking out my anger on him, i wasn't angry with him, i was angry with my mum. How could she leave me right now. How could she be doing this!!!! How can she be so selfish. She's not going to see me live my life, getting married and have kids. I was furious. Not at my mum anymore. I was now furious at myself for blaming my mum. This wasn't her fault either, she didn't choose to have cancer.

I felt a tear start to fall down my face but it was cut of by someones hand, i moved my eyes to see Justin standing above me, i gave him a weak smile

"Sorry" i muttered

He grabbed my arm and pulled me up, taking my seat, he then pulled me onto his lap and burrowed his head into my neck. I felt him snake his arms around my body and place his hands in my lap. I took his hands into my hands and we sat there for what seemed like forever, i looked up at my mum, her chest was moving up, down, up, down, up, down....nothing.

Her chest stopped moving, i felt my body tense up and i froze. I slowly rose to my feet, I looked back at Justin he was staring at me with a confused looked plastered on his face, i turned back towards my mother's body, lifeless body. I walked over and stood next to her bed, i slowly stretched out my arm so i could place my hand on her chest. I did, and her body wasn't moving at all. That's when i realised it. I just lost my mum. 

What happened next was just a blur. Justin was right next to my side, whispering words into my ear. I couldn't hear anything he was saying. I fell to the floor and just sat there staring at the wall. I was going into shock.

I didn't feel like any of this was real, i felt someone lift me up and carry me out the room. I didn't even bother to see who it was, but i guessed it was Justin. About half an hour later and i was sitting on my hotel bed. Just sitting. I hadn't spoken a word to anyone or even moved. I felt the presence of someone else in the room, Justin. He climbed into the bed and laid down. I just sat where i was and this was the way i stayed until morning. 

"fay, have you sat there all night" he fretted

I slowly nodded my head. I hadn't wanted to sleep. I felt sick to my stomach. Justin wrapped his arms around me and whispered lovely things into my ear. I looked at him and stared into his beautiful eyes, he stared back into mine, i felt myself start to lean in, some strange sort of impulse overtook my body, i wanted Justin and i wanted him now.

I locked my lips on his and i run my tongue along his bottom lip, he opened allowing me entranced, and we continued like this for the next 10 minutes. I slowly started to stand up, with Justin and we made our way to the door, our lips still locked, i fumbled along the wall until i finally found the door handle, i turned it so that i locked the door. Me and Justin broke the kiss for the first time in about 15 minutes, i slowly slipped out of my clothes until i was standing in just my underwear, Justin done the same.

I could feel Justin staring at my body. I hadn't eaten over the last month, other than an apple here and there, I had lost a lot of weight, and my body showed that. I suddenly felt extremely self conscious. I looked up at Justin who didn't look angry or annoyed, he looked hurt and sad. I bowed my head down, only for Justin to pull it back up again, he smashed his lips onto mine


*Justins POV*

Faith's mum has been in the hospital for just over a month, and last night she died. I felt horrible for Fay, when i woke up this morning, she was sitting in the same position that i had left in last night. I snaked my arms around her and started to whisper into her ear. She turned her head and looked into my eyes, i stared back into hers. She started to lean in, so i did as well, until our lips connected.  

This last for about 15 minutes until we had finally broken apart, at the front door, and stripped down to our underwear. I looked at her body, she looked so fragile and broken, you could just see her ribs sticking out of her skin, and her stomach was stretched out, showing her hip bones, I realised that i was now staring at her, and she bowed her head, probably embarrassed at how much weight she had lost, i reached out my arm and placed my hand under her chin, slowly rising her head, without a second thought i smashed my lips into hers. 


*Faiths POV*

I started to move forward, forcing Justin to move back, until we reached the bed. I pushed him backwards, causing him to fall onto the bed, pulling me down with him. I felt him twisting my undies in his fingers, i moved my hand to his boxers and slowly started to pull them down, we rolled over pulling the covers with us.

I was now underneath Justin, who was completely naked. I slowly slid off my undies and waited for Justin to make the next move. I felt his warms hands move up my legs and towards my thighs, he stopped and and slowly parted my legs, each time me and Justin made love it felt special, each time was different. Justin slipped inside and started to thrust slowly and then picked up the pace. 

"Urghhhh" I moaned

I saw that famous smirk play across Justin face, he groaned, causing me to mimick his smirk

"Jusssssssssstiiinnnnnnn" i gasped

His smirk grew bigger and i felt mine growing as well. A few minutes later and we both had reached the climax, and he went limp and rolled over and laid beside me. 

"Thankyou" I whispered

I felt his arm wrap around me, pulling me closer, i rested my head on his chest, our bare bodies laying with each other. Justin had finally brought me out of my trance. I was finally able to live again. I could start to grieve properly for my mum. I pulled my phone off the bedside cabinet and opened up twitter, when it opened i went straight onto my mentions, i scrolled through them, everyone was so lovely

"Sorry about your mum @faithwilliams, hope you start to feel better soon x x x

"I know the feeling, i lost my mum a few years ago @faithwilliams x

"Hope you get better @faithwilliams x

Not one bad word had been said, no one was hating me, it felt, nice. Justin's beliebers had learned to accept me, and most of them were generally very nice about it, but there was still a few who would love to see me dead. I saw Justin had tweeted me

"Trying to cheer up my princess @faithwilliams this sucks #sadmonth"

I retweeted his tweet and the made my own

"Love my fans, family and prince @justinbieber" 

I slid my phone onto the side and then turned to face Justin, who's eyes were closed, i could hear him gently snoring. I laughed and kissed him on the cheek, whispering good night. I grabbed the remote and turned on the telly. Nothing could of prepared my eyes for what i saw next. Wtf.

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