Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


34. Sleep Tight Angel

I looked up at David and thought about what to say

"I agree, i am young, but no one it too young to love, as love doesn't come from your mind, which knows your age, it comes from your heart, which knows no age, and young love can still be real love, that's what i believe anyway, i hate it when people say someone's too young to love, maybe they're just too old to remember?" i half heartedly laughed at the end

"Wise words for such a young lady, but won't you care what people think?" he asked

"No, why should i, sometimes you just have to do what's best for you, not what's best for everybody else, and that may sound really selfish, but i give a lot back to people, i've earned it" i smiled

"I don't believe i've ever met someone as young as you who is as quite inspirational as you, well done" he chuckled, extended his hand

I shook it and laughed at him, it felt good to talk about my feelings, and at least this way i wouldn't have to repeat myself to everyone. 

"So, what exactly happened between you and the biebs" he questioned

"Well, i think only one of us was open to admitting how they felt, whereas the other one hid it or maybe we just felt differently about each other all together, i don't know, but i haven't spoken to him in months" i shrugged

"Minutes" he laughed

"What do you mean?" i frowned

Just as he was about to speak the crowd went crazy, i turned my head to see Justin walking onto the set;

I could feel my heart racing, omg. 

"Justin has been listening to everything backstage and requested to come on stage and get his side of the story out" David smiled

"Great" i mumbled, hoping no one would hear

Justin took a seat on the couch that was next to my chair, i faced David the whole time

"So Justin my man, what's happening to you" David begun

"Nothing mann, i'm blessed" he chuckled

Oh how i missed that laugh

"Well, I'll ask you more or less the same question that i asked fay, first, what happened with your girl"

"Nothing, we just felt it would be better to be friends, we weren't really acting like we was in a relationship, so why drag it out" he shrugged

Why's he acting like such a jerk

"Alright, what about weeing in that mop bucket and cursing at Bill Clinton"

"The mop bucket was blown out of proportion, i asked them if it was cool to do that, as the restroom was full and i needed to go, and as for the Bill Clinton thing, i apologised to him about that, it was just a laugh, no disrespect" he smiled


"How was Brazil aye"

"It was great thanks" he laughed

"Get up to much"

"No comment" he smirked


"Well, this says it all really doesn't it?" David laughed, he showed him the pictures and then played the video

"Hey, i'm a 18 year old boy, give us a break" he laughed

JERK JERK, i'd been trying to hold it in, but i couldn't any longer, i turned to face him and i exploded

"How can you be such a jerk!!!, you've people out there who really care for you, and this is the way you act? Your taking the piss, this isn't you, you're not like this!!!, what's happened to you!" I shouted, which shocked everyone

"Faith, it was just a laugh, no biggie" he shrugged

"No it wasn't just a laugh Justin, it isn't funny, it's disrespectful" i lowered my voice and whispered "sleeping with prostitutes is just plain wrong as well"

"Faith you walked out on me, you can't sit here and tell me what i can and can't do" he raised his voice

"No, i no i can't, but what about your family Justin, they see the news, they've probably seen all this, what do you think they think about it! You've got a little brother and sister for christ sake, what is wrong with you" i threw my arms into the air

"Don't bring them into this" he argued

"I didn't you did!!!" i shouted and stormed of the set

I got out of view and started to pull of my mics, i was fuming, i wanted to kill someone, i had gone crazy pop star. I walked into the dressing room they had assigned for me, i sat down and i couldn't hold it in anymore, i burst into tears and sat there sobbing my heart out, i didn't notice that someone had walked in until i felt myself being pulled into a hug, i looked up to see Justin

"Just leave" i mumbled in between sobs

"Never" he stated

I didn't even have the strenght to fight him anymore, letting go of Justin wasn't the hardest part, still loving him afterwards was, i tried so hard to convince myself i was over him, but it was no use now, i had caved in. Knowing Justin wasn't a part of my life over these past few months was torture, what made things worse was knowing there would never be anyone who could replace him. When love someone you hurt, when you hurt you start to hate, when you hate you try to forget, when you try to forget you start to miss them, and when you miss them you fall in love all over again. This is what i had been going through, and maybe now it can stop. I hugged Justin back.

"Fay, i was an idiot, and i'm so sorry, i should never of denied how i felt about you, i loved you since the day we met, i broke it off we've Caitlin, i couldn't have a girlfriend when i was in love with someone else, and i regretted letting you walk away from me that day, i wish i had pulled you back and confessed everything there and then, but i didn't, so i'm doing it now" he sighed

"I've hurt for so long" i whispered

"I know, and i'm so sorry, i've hurt knowing i hurt you, but i'm here now, and i'm not going anywhere" he soothed

I rested my head onto his chest, and he wiped away my tears. 

"I missed you" he whispered

"I missed you two" i replied

We stood there for a moment, and then we separated

"I should go back on and apologise" i chuckled

"Me two" he laughed

We both headed back to the set and walked on, this time we both sat down on the couch

"I wanted to apologise for running of" i apologised

"It's ok, i see you two have sorted things out" he nodded at us

"Yeah" Justin smiled

"Great, well that's the end of tonights, urm, eventful show. I'm David Letterman, Goodnight" He laughed at the camera

Me and Justin stood up and walked of the set and i headed out to my car

"Need a lift" Justin asked

"Nope, i've got my own car thanks" I smiled

"Urm, wanna get a coffee?" he asked instead

"Urm, not really, sorry i don't want us to be all over the papers again, how about you come to my hotel instead?" i offered

"Sure, you tell me what one, and i'll wait like half an hour before coming" he smiled

"Course" i gave him the hotel name and hugged him goodbye

I got into my car and drove to the hotel, i walked in a sat down on my bed got changed into my pj's which was a tank top and a pair of shorts, i walked over to the dressing table and wiped off my makeup, i then tied my hair into a messy bun, and i laid back on the bed. I pulled out my phone and went on twitter and tweeted

"In such a good mood!!!" 

I scrolled through my timeline and then went into my mentions and saw that i had a tweet from Justin 

"@faithwilliams me two! :)" 

I retweeted it and laughed at his stupidity, i was about to put my phone away when i got a text

From: Justin

I'm here, what room? :) 

I replied

To: Justin

3, hurry i'm bored lol

I put my phone on the bedside cabinet, and then heard a soft knock at the door, i walked over and opened to see Justin standing there with two bags. He walked in and i shut door, i could smell mcdonalds yum. He put the bags on the side and turned to me

"I thought you might be hungry" he shrugged with a laugh

"You didn't have to" i chuckled

"I know, haha, i got some mcdonalds, and then i brought some candies and things, i thought we could watch a movie?" he offered

"I'd love to" I smiled

Justin motioned for me to sit down while he sorted everything out, i pulled out my phone and saw Justin had tweeted me again 

"Movie with the one and only @faithwilliams ,no pictures tonight guys :)"

I laughed at his stupid tweet and tweeted back

"Movie with my monkey @justinbieber , no pics sorry :)"

Neither of us wanted to put pictures because we knew they would end up in the media and some story would be made up about us, which we really didn't need right now. Our relationship was still being mended. I climbed under the covers and Justin walked over to me, trying to hold all the food. He handed me my food and then placed the movie food in the middle of the bed and sat down next to me, and pressed play on the remote. I looked at him, he looked really awkward, sitting on the end of the bed

"Justin, you can lay down, i don't bite" I laughed

"Thanks" he smiled

He had got changed before he come here, and was now wearing grey joggers and a white tank top, he sat against the back of the bed and started to eat, i looked up at the telly and the notebook started to play, this was one of my favourite films, i hadn't seen it in years!!! I couldn't believe Justin had brought this

"This is like one of my fav movies ever" i stated

"I know" he chuckled

"Thankyou" i smiled

I put my rubbish on the floor beside my bed and snuggled down to watch the movie, without a doubt i would be in tears by the end of this. I looked over at Justin to say something, but he was asleep, poor thing must be knackered. I took his hat of his head and pulled the cover over him. I kissed his cheek and whispered 'Sleep tight angel'

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