Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


16. Run

I burst into tears, I couldn't believe it!!! I was going to the live shows, I pulled Demi into a hug and continued crying, Demi laughed as we pulled away from the hug, I thanked her and then walked out of the room and pulled out my phone and rung the guys

"Hello" I cried

"Tell us then!!!" they both shouted

"I didn't make it" I sighed

"What" they whispered

"KIDDING I'M IN THE TOP 3" I screamed

All i heard was them screaming, I laughed and said i had to go and get ready cause we was flying back to america today.


It's been a week since i found out i was on the live shows, tonights the first night, i was having a make over and i decided i wanted to have something done with my hair, i told the hairdressers and he loved the idea and done my hair like;

I looked in the mirror after he was done and a huge smile formed across my face, i loved it!! i thanked him and got up, i need to go get ready, i walked into my dressing room and the outfit i had to wear was hanging up on the mirror for me, i walked over and put it on, it was;

and i had my make up done like;

I was ready, I was on next, Cody was currently on at the moment, yes Cody got through!! I was so happy when i saw him at the house that all the contestants were living in, it felt nice to already know someone, the other people who got through were, for the groups there was one called "Malbi" which was a group of 5 really lovely girls, the next was called "Duo" which was just a girl and a boy, we hadnt spoken much and the last group was called "Sweeties" which was another all girl group. The boys were called Cody Long, Alex Smith and Luke Friend, they were all amazing the lot of them, the overs were Wayne Fall, Joseph Hall and Samantha Cotton and the girls were Lily Joyce, Neve fox and obviously me, Faith Williams. I heard my name being called, omg it was my turn. I walked on the stage and took a seat at the piano and started playing the melody to the song i was about to sing, my song, yes i had written this song myself, i had written it about Justin ages ago, i leaned forward towards the  mic and started to sing


"Everybody needs inspiration
Everybody needs a song
A beautiful melody
When the nights are long

'cause there is no guarantee
That this life is easy

Yeah when my world is falling apart
When there's no light
To break up the dark
That's when I, I
I look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home any more
That's when I, I
I look at you

When I look at you
I see forgiveness
I see the truth
You love me for who I am
Like the stars hold the moon
Right there where they belong
And I know I'm not alone

Yeah when my world is falling apart
When there's no light
To break up the dark
That's when I, I
I look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home any more
That's when I, I
I look at you"

I stood up from the piano and walked into the centre of the stage and sung my little heart out

"You appear just like a dream to me
Just like kaleidoscope colors that cover me
All I need
Every breath that I breathe
Don't you know you're beautiful
Yeah yeah

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home any more
That's when I, I
I look at you

I look at you
You appear just like a dream to me"

I smiled as i sung the last line and then looked at the judges , Mario Lopez, who was hosting the show walked over to me and congratulated me on the performance and then turned towards the judges and asked for their opinions

"Well I thought it was amazing, i mean she's just so young and she's got such an amazing voice, she's incredible, and what a way to end the show, you should be proud of yourself Faith" Simon stated

"Thankyou" I smiled

"I agree completely, like your amazing, and i believe you will go far in the competention" Kelly smiled

"Woah, just woah, like its crazy to think your only 17!! Your voice is amazing, and you've had no training, its truly amazing" Katy laughed

"Thankyou" I replied

"Baby, you did great tonight, you were FAYtastic!!!, I'm so proud of you, and your such an hard working contestant, well done baby" Demi smiled

"Thankyou demi" I smiled

I hugged Mario before walking of the stage, omg that felt absoloutely amazing!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! When i got of stage i run over to Chaz and Ryan who had been allowed to come back stage to see me

"You were amazing" Chaz shouted

"Thanks" I laughed

"Yeah, and i'm loving the new hair" Ryan chuckled

"Haha, thanks" I smiled hugging them both


*2 months later*

I've been in the competition for just over 2 months now, i was so proud of myself, there was only 3 contestants left now, and they were me, cody and luke, tonight we were singing with a celebrity guest, the catch this year though is that we won't know who we are singing with until we get on the stage, i was so excited!!! I speak to my mum everyday, she hasn't managed to get the time to come down because of work, and she say's the dogs are getting big now, Ryan and Chaz are starting to get bored out here now, they don't really know anyone, so there always stuck by themselves, i felt bad for them, but tonight was the last night, so no matter what we would be going home tomorrow, i was so excited about seeing everyone again. Tonight is halloween, so our outfits tonight will be fancy dress, and our first song will have to be to do with halloween, but then we get changed and sing a song with our celebrity guest!!! I've been in the building since 6am, it's now 6pm, 12 hours i've been here, just none stop practicing, I was excited. It was time for me to get ready, i headed towards the dressing room so that i could get ready, i got changed into;

(Her hairs like the girl in the picture, but not black)

I then had my makeup done;

I looked at self in the mirror, i looked fantastic!!!! Proper scary, i glanced over at the time, it was nearly 7, and i was opening the show tonight how scary was that going to be!!!. I walked out of the dressing room, and down the corridor, i got a few stares and then i run into Luke and Cody

"How do i look?" I laughed giving them a twirl

"You proper went for it"  Luke chuckled

"Is it too much" I frowned

"Not at all" Cody smiled

"So, what do you'se think?" I asked

"You look great" they smiled

"Thanks boys, and good luck tonight" I wished

"Thanks, you two" they both replied

I continued walking down the corridor, and headed towards the stage, i waited at the side until i was told to go on, and then i walked onto the stage, for my song it was decorated beautifuly, in the middle of the stage was a set of black sprialled stairs which had been decorated to suit the theme of halloween, i was meant to start at the top and work my way down and then when i reached the bottom the smoke would appear, i walked onto the stage and climbed up the stairs and took my place, waiting to hear my name called on the big screen, i had my back to the audience, 1...2...3.. FAITH WILLIAMS, i turned around and brought the mic up to my mouth and begun to sing

"If this world is wearing thin
And you're thinking of escape
I'll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains
But if you try to go out alone
Don't think I'll understand

Stay with me
Stay with me"

I started to walk down the staircase, and when i reached the bottom smoke started to fill the stage and i begun to sing again

"In the silence of your room
In the darkness of your dreams
You must only think of me
There can be no in between
When your pride is on the floor
I'll make you beg for more

Stay with me
Stay with me

You'd better hope and pray
That you make it safe
Back to your own world
You'd better hope and pray
That you wake one day
In your own world
Cause when you sleep at night
You don't hear your cries
In your own world
Only time will tell
If you can break the spell
Back in your own world

Stay with me
Stay with me
(Stay with me, Stay with me)
Stay with me
(Stay with me, Stay with me)
Stay with me
(Stay with me, Stay with me)"

As i finished Mario walked over to me with a big grin on his face, he congratulated me and then asked the judges for their opinions

"First i want to point out that i absoutely love the look, you look fantastic, and well faith, that song, you were amazing as usual" kelly smiled

"I would like to agree with kelly, i think you get better and better each week, and each week you come out and show us something different you can do, you should be so proud of yourself " Katy stated

"Well, i think that is not only your best performance, but i think thats the best performance on the history of x factor, you were amazing" Simon smiled

"Thankyou judges, everyone give it up for Faith Williams" Mario shouted as i exited the stage

That felt amazing, i pulled out my phone and quickly took a few pictures of my outift, i run into luke and cody again and i got someone to take a picture of me with them and i uploaded it to instagram, i couldn't wait to sing with a celebrity judge!!! I went into the dressing room and started to take all the makeup off and then my clothes, my new outfit was already laid out for me, i changed into it, it looked like;

The hairdresser brushed through my hair and then put it up like;

(remember it's dip dyed)

And the makeup artist done my make up like;

I looked at myself in the mirror when they was done, i felt like a princess, i can't belive tonight is it the night we find out who's won!! I walked into the lounge bit backstage and took a seat in between Luke and Cody, i pulled out my phone and took a couple pictures with them, and that's when i heard my name being called, Cody and Luke had already been on stage and we had just been speaking about who their celebrity was, Cody got to perform with Arianna Grande, and Luke performed with Miley Cyrus, which meant they were both here as well!!! I hope i get to meet them i thought as i stood up and headed towards the stage, for this song it would start with me on one end of the stage and then the celebrity would come in from the other side, and then we would walk towards the middle and meet, i had praticed it with Demi about a thousand times, i took my place on stage and held the mic up and started to sing



"I know, I know it's been a while
I wonder where you are, and if you think of me
Sometimes, 'cause you're always on my mind
You know I had it rough, trying to forget you but
The more that I look around, the more I realize
You're all I'm looking for

What makes you so beautiful, is you don't know how beautiful you are to me
You're not trying to be perfect
Nobody's perfect, but you are, to me
It's how you take my breath away
Feel the words that I don't say
I wish somehow, I could say them now
Oh, oh, I could say them now, yeah"

I turned around to see who the celebrity guest was, when I saw the person, a little voice in my head screamed 'run'

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