Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


24. Ouch

We're back on the bus, the meal was nice, but i couldn't stop thinking about that headline i saw, I mean i expected to see it sooner or later, but i pressumed it would be later, well that serves me right for pressuming things, it's made me realise how much i'm going to be in the spotlight now i was hanging around with Justin, i'm trying to decide whether or not i'm ready for that. I sighed and laid back on my bed, the dogs jumped up with me so i cuddled up to them, i heard someone open the door and come in, i didn't bother to look to see who it was, then i felt pressure on the end on the bed, so i turned my head slightly and saw Justin, but he looked upset, i sat up and moved towards the end of bed so that i was sitting right next to him

"Whats wrong" i asked

"I fell out with the guys" he sighed

"What guys" i laughed

"Chaz and Ry" he replied

"What happened" i questioned

"We was just talking and then they made a joke about having new friends or whatever and then we just started arguing" he moaned

"Dont worry about it, you'll make up, let's sleep on it" i reassured

"Alright" he smiled

We both stood up and pulled back the covers to get under them, when we laid down Justin pulled me closer to him and i snuggled my head onto his chest, and i fell asleep in his arms, i wished we could do this everynight.


I woke up to the sound of an alarm, i looked around and noticed Justin's phone on the side, i picked it up and swipe it across so that the alarm would stop, he's back screen was of me and him pulling funny faces, aw. I rolled out of bed, and landed on my bum on the floor, i silently laughed at my fall, i quickly stood up and headed towards the bathroom to have a shower, i turned it on and jumped in, once i was done i stepped out and wrapped a towel around me, i run back to my room to avoid running into any, i literally fell through the door, Justin was sitting on the end of the bed brushing his hair, he laughed at my entrance, i just shook my head and headed towards the draws to get some underwear, i pulled out a pair and slipped it on with my back to Justin, and somehow i still managed to keep the towel up, when i was done i let the towel drop and then sat on the end of the bed and started brushing through my hair, i felt Justin move to sit behind me, i glanced at him in the mirror, he looked so cute, he was wearing his power rangers pj's, he was still a little boy deep down haha, it's crazy to think i'm 17 soon, I sighed and then felt Justins hand on my back, he started drawing on my back using his finger, he drew a flower, then a very badly drawn dog, and then he started to trace words;















That's what it spelled out, i turned round and smiled at him, i then stood up and walked towards the wardrobe and tried to find something to wear today, I wanted to look nice as this was my first perfomance on tour, i pulled out a dress and a pair of shoes and put it on;

I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself, i thought i looked good to go, i was going to have my hair and make-up done at the arena, i grabbed a hairband and put my hair up into a high pony tail, i then walked out of the room so that Justin would get ready, i headed towards the lounge and saw Christain and Austin sitting on the sofa, i sat in between them and thought i might as well start up a conversation with them

"So what do you guys do when we get there?" i asked

"Well i perform" Austin laughed

"You sing" i frowned

"Yeah" he chuckled

"Well you learn something new everyday" i giggled

"Yeah, and i talk to the audience" Christain smiled

"What do you mean" i asked

"Well before a show theres a crowd of people who have brought a ticket to see the soundcheck as well, and theres only a limited amount of tickets, so that its not as busy which means Justin can speak to some of his fans, he sings to them, talks, tells jokes, and sometimes invites them on stage with him" Christain replied

"Thats so sweet" i gleamed

I was about to say something when i heard a cough, i turned my head around and saw Justin standing there, in all his perfection, he looked beautiful;

I smiled at him and he smiled back, he come and sat on my lap i just laughed and pushed him off. He then sat infront of me on the floor

"What time we gonna be there" i asked

"Anytime now i guess" he laughed

The bus suddenly stopped sending me flying, and of course i landed on top of Justin, we both burst out laughing, i pushed myself of him and stood up, i walked towards the door of the bus, we had put the dogs in my room and someone would come check on them every half hour. We all got of the bus and headed to the arena, when we got inside i was whisked away to get my hair and make-up done, i sat down on the chair and hairdresser done his work, he was dying my hair, but it was going to be surprise, he had worked with loads of celebrities so i put my trust in him and then he styled it, it looked like;

I opened my eyes and saw my bright pink hair, i absoutely loved it!! I jumped up and down, well i done the best i could considering how high my heels was, i knew i was going to be obssessed with dying my hair, and would constantly be changing my hair color, i laughed to myself as i headed over to the lady who was going to do my makeup, i quickly glanced at the clock, it was nearly 6, guess dying my hair took quite a while, Justin would have to go on and do a soundcheck soon, i sat down in the seat and let the lady work her magic, when she was done my make-up was like;

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, i loved the look i had going on, i thanked the lady and then jumped of the seat to go find someone, i run in Austin.

"Woahhhh, your hair looks like candy" he laughed

"I know!! Isn't it great" i beamed

"if you say so" he chuckled

"Look, i need help, i need to get to the tourbus to check on the dogs, can you show me the way" i rushed

"Sure" he smiled, walking down a corridor

I followed and soon enough we was at the tourbus, i thanked him and run inside to check on the dogs, i opened the door, and they looked so unhappy to be stuck in this room, without thinking i clipped on their leads and brought them with me, what the hell was i doing? Oh well, i'm sure Justin wouldn't mind, Austin didn't even bother to ask about the dogs, he just laughed, then we headed towards the stage, Austin walked on to join Justin, and whispered something in his ear and then Justin spoke to the soundcheck audience

"Well, i would like you all to meet my best friend in the whole wide world, Faith Williams" he shouted

Wait that's my name, i felt someone pushing me onto the stage, i slowly walked on, great, there i was with bright pink hair and holding two dogs, i wanted to prepare more for this. I weakly smiled at everyone and soon that faded when i heard someone shout 'LOOK THERE'S THREE DOGS ON STAGE' ouch.

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