Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


29. Needle...

I read the first one which was

'@faithwilliams i hope u die!!!! u don't deserve to know @justinbieber he is way to good for u, #die'

I put my phone back in my bag, i didn't want to get upset, especially on my birthday, i looked up at the guys who were all sitting around doing their own thing, waiting for Justin so that we could go, this kid is always running late, i was considering getting out my phone and calling him, but then i heard a car beeping outside, i opened the door and there he was sitting in a white range rover, i called for the dogs and then went over to his car and opened the back door for the dogs, who started going crazy when they got in, and then i opened the front door to get myself in, the others were going to go in a different car and just meet us at the beach, i looked at Justin and smiled, he had a pair of vans on, with some shorts and a tank top, perfection. He put his foot on the peddle and we drove of, we were the first ones at the beach, so i opened the back door to let the dogs out who had been going mental the whole journey, they went speeding off towards the ocean, i laughed at them and then turned to Justin

"Do you want your surprise then" he smiled

"Of course" i chuckled

He opened the boot of the car, and made it so that i couldn't see what he was doing, he turned round and was holding a bunch of roses, he gave them to me and i smiled, he then gave me a little bag, I opened it and inside was a box, and inside the box was a bracelet, to be more specific it was a white gold cartier bracelet, these were like $6,000 each!!! I went to speak but he turned round back into his car and when he turned round I didn't have a clue what to say, he was holding this;

It was the cutest thing i had ever seen, without thinking i put my arms out to hold it, Justin passed him over, as he did he woke up, he looked up at me and just laid still for a minute, he then started to fidget, and he worked his way up so that he was sitting on my neck, he was adorable. I looked up at Justin

"Jay!!!! were did you even get him from" i exclaimed

"A rescue home, he's all trained and that, he was a showbiz monkey, you know like for films and that" he smiled

"You didn't have to, it's too much" i started

"Not at al, i didn't have a clue what to get you, and come on Fay it's not like i haven't got the money to spoil my bestest friend" he cut me off

I gave in and gave him a huge hug and then thanked him for everything, i put the flowers and bracelet in the car, and then headed towards the beach with Justin's arm wrapped around my waist, and the monkey, who need a name, on my shoulder still, we found a spot and placed out towels down and sat down on them, i turned to Justin

"Help me name him?" i asked

"Sure" he smiled

"Go" i instructed

"Bob" he laughed

"No" i frowned

"Monkey" he chuckled

"Justin, come on!!! Be serious" i said hitting his head

"Ow, okok" he frowned

"I want it to begin with M" i stated

"Ok, well, what about Mally?" he asked

"Hmm, yeah i like that" i smiled

Mallu climbed down and took a seat on my lap, Skylar and J come running over and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the monkey, they started to sniff, get closer and closer, Mally looked at them and moved back a little bit, but to our surprise the dogs just dropped to the floor and stared at the monkey, they were scared of Mally!!!! Hahaha, I heard commotion and turned my head to see Caitlin, Austin and Christian, I stood up and headed over to them, carrying Mally, their faces were priceless

"Why are you holding a monkey" Chris chuckled

"Meet Mally" i smiled, introducing my monkey

They all laughed and stroked Mally

"You didn't answer the question though" Austin stated

"He was a birthday present, from Justin" I laughed

"Weirdo" Austin chuckled

We headed back over to where we had been sitting, the dogs were sleeping, and soaking wet, I went to sit down, but before i could i felt someone grab my hand, i looked up to see Justin who was now standing

"Come in the sea" he smiled

"Fine" i sighed, taking off my shawl, so now my body was on proper show

I was so happy that I'm tanned, I passed the monkey to Caitlin and then raced down the beach with Justin and tumbled into the water, he splashed it all over my face and i screamed, i went under the water and sneaked up behind him and then jumped on his back trying to take him down, i could hear him laughing at me. I got off his back and started to run, i could hear him following, i thought i would make it, but then i felt his arms wrap around my waist, and he picked me up of the floor and spun me around. This is how we spent our time at the beach, we stayed for a few hours and then it was time for lunch, Caitlin and the others were going to take Mally back for me as well. I walked over to the toilets so that I could get get changed and try off, I turned back to see that Justin and Caitlin were talking, i thought nothing of it and headed inside the toilet and got changed into;

and i put on my white converse, i wrapped my bikini up into my towel and put it in my bag, and then headed back over to the others, i got in Justin's car, the others had already left, i took the bracelet he had gotten me out of the bag and put it on. Justin pulled out of the beach and headed towards the city, i had told him i wanted to do something before we went for lunch, but he had to wait in the car. I jumped out and made sure he wasn't peaking and then headed towards the tattoo parlour, i had always wanted to get a tattoo, but i never got round to it, so i might as well do it now, i walked in the parlour and explained what i wanted to the lady, she took me through to the back and sat me down. I was so excited to get my first tattoo and then i saw it, the huge ass needle...






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