Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


20. HELL YES!!!!!!

I felt my mouth literally drop to the floor, what the hell, how could my mum do something like that without saying something to me?? She never even mentioned Matt whenever we spoke, what the hell was going on!!! I felt to start screaming at someone, but instead i looked straight at my mum and gave her the dirtist look i could

"Now honey don't look at me like that, with your new career i didn't think you would be here much anyway" she stated

"oh what so you thought you would just replace me then!!!! You didn't even speak to me about this!!! This is not cool mum, not at all!!!" I argued storming up the stairs to my room.

I opened my door and saw the dogs sitting on the bed, as soon as they saw me that was it, they were all over the place, and boy had they grown, i calmed them down and then sat on my bed and faced away from my door, Skylar was snuggled next to me, and J was at me feet, i heard someone knock at my door

"Go away!!!" I cried

"It's me Fay, can i come in" Justin asked

"No" I whispered

"Well im going to anyway" he laughed

He walked in, and without a word he was next to me on the bed, and he pulled me so that i rolled over and my head was laying on his chest

"Please don't be upset Fay, she didn't mean to hurt you" Justin pleaded

"I know, but like its the fact she didn't tell me!!!! She just expected me to be alright with it, if she had spoken to me i wouldn't be mad, but she didn't" I argued

"Hey hey, don't shoot the messenger" he laughed

I looked at him and smiled, he hadn't even said much and i felt better than what i did 5 minutes ago, it was probably because of the fact that he had his arms wrapped around me, i could lay here forever and ever

"So which one's J" he asked, interupting my thoughts

"Him" I laughed pointing to the end of the bed

"They lovely, both of them" he chuckled, stroking J's big fury head

"I know, it was a love at first sight kind of thing" i joked

"I know what you mean" he sighed

I looked at him, he had looked away, i wonder what was wrong with him all of a sudden, hmm.

"I wish i could just get away from here, i know i've only just come back, but i already want to leave again" i moaned

"Come with me" he replied, looking right into my eyes

"What do you mean" I asked, slightly ataken back

"You know what i mean" he rolled his eyes

"No, i generally don't" i giggled

"Come on tour, you'll love it, i mean now that your officially a singer, im aloud to ask you" he replied

"What do you mean now?" i asked

"Well, i knew you could sing, but techinically i wouldn't of been allowed to just bring you on tour with me, unless you had some sort of mananger or you had a history in the singing business" he replied

"Are you trying to say you wanted to invite me from the start?" i raised my eyebrows

"Well, yeah kinda, so what do you say" he chuckled

"I say.......HELL YES!!!!!"

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