Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


12. Heartbroken

Me and Chaz have been sitting outside my house for about 10 minutes now, I was worried about what my mum was going to say when I walked in with two dogs. Did my mum even like dogs? Omg. I never ever done things like this, but my heads been all over the place recently, maybe she would be understanding since Justin had just left? Yeah let's hope so. I finally built up the courage to get out of my car. I opened the back door to get the dogs, and Chaz grabbed all my bags for me, what a gentleman. I got to my front door and slowly opened it, I shouted hello to see if anyone was in, no reply. I walked in followed by Chaz, he dropped my bags at the bottom of the stairs and run into the kitchen. Fatty I thought as I laughed at him. I took the leads of the dogs so that they could have a look around their new home, hopefully, I headed into the kitchen, Chaz was stuffing his face, I just shook my head, I glanced up at the clock, It was 2, that gave me 3 hours to get, plently of time right?.

"What you gonna call them" Chaz mumbled with a mouth full of food

"Oh gee, I had't thought of that" I laughed

"Well they can't be nameless" he chuckled

"I know" I frowned

"Lets think then" he replied

"Okay, girls first" I answered

"Kayla" he suggested


"Misty" he shurgged


"You pick one" he huffed

"Ok, what about Skylar or Princess" I smiled

"I like Skylar, It's unusual, like you" he winked

"Harhar" I mimicked

"Now the boy" he stated

"Well I was kinda thinking of calling him J" I mumbled

"Don't you call Justin that?" he asked

"Yeah" I replied

"Oh, I get ya" he said with a sympathetic look on his face

"Right, well I better start getting ready, would you put the dog stuff in the second living room" I smiled at Chaz

"Sure" he replied

I headed out to the kitchen to go upstairs, grabbing my bags of clothes as I went. I walked into my room and stripped, putting the bags on my bed so that I could look through them and find something to wear. I went through all the bags and pulled out one more which would completely the outfit I had choosen, I laid it on my bed and headed towards my shower, I turned it on and then got fully undressed and climbed in, after I had washed I climbed back out a dried myself off so that I could get into the clothes I had picked,which were;

I left my hair straight and walked downstairs to see Chaz making himself something else to eat, god did he not stop!!! I looked at the clock it was half 3, I looked at Chaz and smiled

"What" he questioned

"Nothing" I sung

"Spill" he insisted

"No,it's just I'm bored and we've still got an hour an a half till Nolan's party, so could we like watch a film?" I asked

"Sure" he laughed

We both walked into the living room, I sat on the couch and whilsted for the dogs to come, they both come running and I patted the couch so that they would jump and then I snuggled with them, I kicked off my shoes and decided it would be better to put them on when we leave, Chaz come and sat next to me, lifting J up and onto his lap, the dogs both laid down and the film that Chaz had put in started playing, I rested my head on Chaz's shoulder, I didn't realise how tired I was, I closed my eyes for a second, when I opened them the film had finished, what? I looked at Chaz who was asleep, I quickly pulled my phone out to check the time, It was nearly 6, fuck, I had loads of missed calls from Ryan, I shook Chaz to wake him up while I put my shoes on, I jumped up and shouted at Chaz to get him, he quickly stood up

"We are so late" I moaned, walking towards the door

"What about the dogs" Chaz mumbled

"Fuckkkkk, urm put their leads on, they can come" I sighed

Chaz did as he was told, and we all headed out to the car, we all got in and I drove us to Ryan's house, when we got their we all jumped out in a rush and run up to the front door, I knocked and Ryan opened it

"I'm sooooo sorry, we lost track of time" I apologised

"Umm, no worries, Nolan's just finishing saying his goodbyes, but what are the dogs for?" he laughed

"Long story" I chuckled, walking in

We only stayed their for about half an hour, Nolan had to leave or he would miss he's flight, he was moving to England, lucky kid. I walked up to him and gave him a huge hug, this goodbye would be nothing compared to Justin's.

"Nice dogs" he chuckled

"Shut up" I laughed, lightly punching his arm

"I'll miss you, all of you" he sighed

"Same here buddy" I replied

"Well, best be leaving" he answered

"Don't worry, i'll come and visit" I giggled as he walked to the door

We waved at eachother and that was it, he was gone. I stayed for another 5 minutes before I decided to leave, I said goodbye to everyone, Chaz was going to stay at Ryans tonight so he didn't need a lift, I got in the car and drove home. I walked up to my front door and walked in, my mum still wasn't home, strange. I went and sat in the living room and put the telly on low, I patted the couch to get the dogs up and then I went on my phone and facetimed Justin.

*Ringggggg Ringggggggg Ringgggggg*

"Yo yo yo" Justin laughed

"Hello" I smiled

"Missing me yet?" he smirked

"I guess so, said goodbye to Nolan today" I sighed

"Ah baby, don't worry, I'll be back before you know it" he said blowing a kiss

"Who's that aye" I heard a male voice ask

"My bestest friend in the whole wide world" Justin replied

"Lemme see" the voice replied

A boy's face emerged on the screen, he was kinda cute, but he had nothing on Justin, I laughed at the fact of how eager he had been to see me, while I was laughing I heard another boy go "I wanna see", and then another face emerged on the screen, this boy was cute as well, but again had nothing on Justin.

"Sorry fay, this is Christain and Austin" he laughed

"No worries, well seen as your showing off your friends, I might as well show of mine, meet Skylar and J" I laughed, facing the camera to the two dogs, who were laying next to me on the sofa, the sound of their names being said had made them both look at me, which made it look like they were looking at the screen

"Started collecting animals now I see" Justin chuckled

"Course" I giggled

"I like J" Justin smirked

"So do I" I teased

I was about to start flirting with Justin again when I heard a females voice call Justin, and it was not pattie

"Fay, urm Caitlins calling me" he stated

"Who's Caitlin" I asked

"She's Christain's sister" he chuckled

"Oh" I replied

"Sooooo" he kinda laughed

Just as I was about to reply I noticed a girl who looked about my age walk into the room, I looed at her, she was beautiful, lucky her she was spending time with my bestfriend.

"Hi" she waved through the camera

"Um hey" I waved back

She sat down on Justin's lap and giggled at something someone had said

"Well I better go" I mumbled, hanging up before anyone could reply

I look down at the dogs who were looking at me, I could of sworn their eyes were full of sadness, they do say 'dogs a mans bestfriend' right? I looked down at my phone and saw my screen saver of me and Justin, I felt so empty and alone, I felt like my heart had just been smashed into a million pieces. I was truely and utterly...... Heartbroken.

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