Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


23. Heart Stop

Me and Justin are standing outside his tour bus, i was excited and nervous, i was about to meet his new friends, we hadn't told them we were here, Justin wanted to surprise them, so i just agreed with him, we walked up towards the door, he was holding J's lead and i had Skylar's he opened the door for me and i stepped onto the bus, everyone turned and looked at me, i smiled, and felt Justin come up behind me.

"Faith!!!" pattie shouted running up to me and pulled me into a hug, i hugged back

"Hey pats" i laughed pulling out of the hug

"Who are these" she chuckled nodding towards the dogs

"Skylar, and J" i giggled, taking of their leads

I looked at Justin, waiting for him to introduce me to his friends

"Well, fay, this is Christain and Austin" he nodded towards the two boys sitting on a couch

"Hello" i smiled at them

They both said hello back

"And this is Caitlin" Justin said, pointing to a girl sitting on an arm chair

We both said hello to eachother. I already knew everyone else, they were all of Justin's crew. I said hello to them all. Justin was still holding my luggage for me, and he started walking along the bus, indicating for me to follow, so i did. He stopped outside of a door and opened it, he walked in a put my luggaged in the corner.

"This is our room" he smiled

I looked around there was a draw, a wardrobe and a huge bed in the middle of the room, sharing with Justin didn't seem like such a bad idea. I smiled to myself and plopped down on the bed. There was a faint knock at the door, and then it opened to reveal Christain and Austin, they walked in and sat awkwardly at the end of the bed.

"So......" Christain laughed

"What do you guys do here" i laughed

"Mostly we entertain him" Austin chuckled, nodding at Justin

Justin threw a pillow at his head and started laughing

"Your dogs are cute" Christain smiled

"Thanks" i replied

"So you sing?" Austin asked

"Yeahh, i won the x factor about a week ago" i laughed

"We watched it, you was really good" Christain stated

"Thankyou" i giggled

I felt rather awkward now, i wasn't sure what we was supposed to do now, i looked at Justin hoping he would help me

"Soooo, how about dinner?" Justin offered

"Sounds good" i replied

"Yeah definately" Austin and Christain chirped

"Right, well i need to get changed then" I smiled, ushering the boys out of the room

I turned round and saw Justin standing there smirking

"What's so funny" i said, raising my eyebrow

"You" he chuckled

"Shutup" i laughed, locking the door

I walked over to my suitcase and opened it to find something to wear, i pulled out the outfit i was going to wear and got undressed and changed into it, i looked into the mirror;


I kept my make up and hair the same as it was before, and then i twirled round looking at myself in the mirror, i turned to Justin, he had a smiled plastered on his face

"It's not too much, is it?" i asked

"Not at all, you looking amazing" he smiled

I hugged him, and then i left the room, Justin stayed behind because he wanted to get changed into a suit, bless him. I walked into the lounge bit of the bus, and all eyes fell on me, i stood there awkwardly, i looked down to see if i had something down my outfit, nope.

"You look beautiful" Pattie smiled

"Awww look at my fav gall, all glamed up" Scooter winked

"Thankyou" I blushed

Caitlin had got changed from the tracksuit she was in, and was now wearing a red bodycon dress with a pair of black high heels, she had her hair tied into a tight ponytail, she looked amazing. I smiled at her and she smiled back, i felt someone snaked their arms around my waist and i turned my head to see Justin standing behind me, i smiled at him and then faced the others

"Everyone ready" Justin asked

"Yep" the kids replied

"Where are you going" Pattie asked

"Oh, urm for a meal" Justin chuckled

"Oh ok, well just take Kenny with you, for your safety" she smiled

"Ok mum" he laughed

We all headed towards the bus door, I was about to walk down the stairs when i felt Justin lift me in the air by my waist, i started to laugh at him, which made the others look, so i stopped, we all got into the car, and then Kenny got in the drivers seat, me and Justin were in the 'back' back and the others were sitting infront. I turned to Justin and begun to speak

"Your friends are nice"

"Yeah i know" he smiled

"I feel kinda awkward around them at the moment, like i feel like theres certain things i can and can't do with you when were around them" i whispered

"Why" he asked

"I dunno" i laughed

We both looked at eachother and then started laughing, i pulled out my phone and opened up the news app, i started scrolling throught the clips, when a picture caught my eye, it was of me and Justin, i read the comment underneath, the words i saw made my heart stop

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