Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


9. Hate goodbyes

I've been sitting in Justin's car outside my house for about 10 minutes now, I haven't got out because it smells of him, and I love his smell. I sighed as I opened the car door, I walked up to my door and opened it, everyone had left apart from Chaz. I looked at him and gave him a weak smile before I headed upstairs to my room. I walked in and laid down on my bed, I curled up into a ball and started to cry. I heard a knock at my door followed by "Can I come in"

"Yes" I sniffed, sitting up

Chaz walked in, he gave me a sympathetic look, without saying a word he walked over to the bed and sat down next to me and pulled me into a hugged, we slowly laid back onto my bed as I cried my eyes out into his shirt. "Sorry" I mumbled

"Don't be" he soothed

"I don't know why I'm crying, I'm going to see him again aren't I?" I asked

""Of course" he laughed

I looked at him a gave him a weak smile before resting my head back on his chest, I slowly felt my eyes start to close, and then I was gone. I dreamed about Justin, it was perfect, but all good things come to an end, and mine did by the sound of a phone ringing. I quickly shot up and looked over at my phone, Chaz was still asleep on my bed, guess he stayed the night, I picked up my phone to see that Justin was trying to facetime me, I quickly answered.

"Bonjour" he laughed, putting on a fake French accent

"Hey" I smiled

"So how's life without me" he chuckled

"You've only been gone a day! Get over yourself" I laughed, truth was I missed him like mad already

"Alright, whatever you say" he said, rolling his eyes

"So how's America" I asked

"It's good so far I guess" he replied

"Missing me aye" I giggled, hoping he would say yes

"Of course I'm missing my fav girl" he smiled

"Good, I miss you two" I sighed

"Hey Fay!!!" I heard someone shout in the background, when they come closer to the screen I realised it was Pattie

"Hello pat" I laughed

"I'm missing you just as much a Justin!" she stated

"Don't tell him, but I'm missing you more than I miss Justin" I laughed, pretending to whisper

"Hey" Justin shouted

"Sorry" I laughed

"Fay, I gotta go now, Scooters trying to call me, I'll facetime you tonight ok" he replied

"Ok" I sighed, pretending to blow a kiss, he pretending to catch it, and then blew one back, then he hung up, I sighed and looked over at Chaz who was somehow still asleep, what a lazy kid. I was just about to get up to get in the shower when I heard my phone ringing, I looked at it to see it was Ryan. I answered it.

"Fay?" he asked

"Yep" I replied

"Nolan's leaving today, and well were kinda throwing a little goodbye party for him at mine, you will come won't you?" he answered

"Yeah, I guess so" I sighed

"Ok good, be at mine at 5" he replied

"Ok bye" I said hanging up

I looked over at the clock, It was 12, wow we had slept in pretty late. I went into the bathroom and had a shower, when I got out I put on some underwear and walked over to my closet, I opened the door and walked in, as I was looking around I heard Chaz groan.

"Afternoon" I sung

"Afternoon?" he groaned

"Yesssss, you lazy boy" I laughed

I heard him groan and walk towards the closet, he saw me and turned away quickly, it reminded me of Justin, I laughed and turned away to continue looking for some clothes, I pulled out a pair of cream lace shorts and I picked a greyish silver bandeau and put on some silver converse. I turned back to Chaz

"Done" I laughed

"Good" he chuckled

I looked at Chaz for a minute when suddenly I decided I wanted to go shopping. Shopping always cheered me.

"Chaz, come shopping with me please" I begged

"But I'm wearing last nights clothes" he moaned

"Not for long" I answered, quickly finding a pair of shorts and a top that Justin had left here.

"Fine" he replied, defeated

I went downstairs to wait for Chaz to get ready, I picked up an apple and bit into it, my mum was no where to be seen, probably at work. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs so I headed towards the front door to wait for him, when he reached the bottom I opened the front door and started walking towards Justin's car, followed by Chaz. I got in the driving seat, and Chaz got in round the other side. I started the car up and headed towards the mall. I put the radio on and hummed to the songs playing. When the radio man started to announce something. "And now ladies and gentlemen, here's a new song from the upcoming artist JUSTIN BIEBER" I waited to hear what song was going to be played, I recognised it immediately, it was 'Fall', Justin had written it ages ago, and I was the first person he sung it to, no one else had heard it other than me and him, and now he was singing it to the whole world. I felt my heart break a little bit. I thought it was going to be just between us. Obviously not. But then again, I thought a lot of things that weren't ever going to happen. I turned the radio off and sat in silence. We arrived at the mall and got out, Chaz threw his arm around me lazily. I looked at him and smiled weakly, when we got into I dragged Chaz around all different sorts of fashion shops, I laughed every time we went into a new one because I heard him sigh in frustration. Poor thing. To treat him, I took him to mcdonald's, seen as I knew he loved it so much, and I told him he could order how ever much he wanted. His eyes lit up. We ordered and then took our food towards a booth at the back we sat down and stuck in. Chaz looked up at me and asked "What's wrong"

"Nothing" I replied

"There is, I can see it in your eyes" he answered

"It's just, Nolan's leaving today, which means more goodbyes, and I hate goodbye's" I sighed



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