Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


30. Friends?

I quickly turned my head away so that I couldn't see it, i explained to the lady what i wanted, and she done it, an hour or so later and she was finished, i had a look and thanked her and paid, i then headed into the piercing bit next door and got my belly button done, guess i should head back to Justin now before he goes crazy, i walked round the corner and i was attacked by flashing lights, i quickly put my hands up to cover my face and headed towards where Justin had parked, when i looked up i realised his car wasn't there, omg no, what am i going to do? I pulled my phone out of my pocket, i had loads of missed calls from Justin i quickly called

"Hello?" i rushed

"Fay what the hell happened??? You've been gone for over an hour!! I'm driving around looking for you!!!" panicked

"Please come back to where you parked before, i need you now!" i shouted

"What's wrong? I'm on my way" he replied

"No time" i blurted out, hanging up

I saw Justin's car speeding round the corner, he parked just in front of me so i run over and got in, obviously this sent the paps into a frenzy, i had just got in a car with Justin Bieber. Justin drove off and continued driving for what seemed like forever and then we eventually pulled up outside a little restaurant, it looked rather empty, only a few people were eating, i guess this was for privacy for us. 

"So what was you doing that required you to take so long" Justin asked

"This" I smiled showing off my new body art;

I was saving the best for last, i then stretched out my arm, revealing my wrist which had this tattoo;

I looked at Justin's face, he looked confused

"Say something then" I broke the silence

"I didn't even know you like tattoo's" he replied

"That's all you can say" i frowned

"They nice, they look good on you, i like your belly bar as well" he smiled

"Thankyou, i got this one done kind of for you" i mumbled pointing at my wrist

"You shouldn't have" he weakly laughed

"But i wanted to" i weakly smiled

Justin already had a sleeve going on, he had tattoo's in other place's as well but i loved his sleeve the most, he had BELIEVE written on his arm, and i now had believe written on my wrist, i felt like this would bring us closer together. I was awaken from my daydream by Justin, who was opening my door for me, i smiled at him and hopped out the car, and into the restaurant we went, Justin went up to the counter and spoke and then we was taken to our table, we sat down and order drinks, i smiled as Justin ordered for me, the man didn't bother to ask for ID when he ordered me a wine, i couldn't work out whether that was because he looks older than his age or because he is in fact Justin Bieber hahaha, i thought nothing of it and decided to look through the menu, i didn't recognise a single meal on the menu, i could hear Justin laughing at me, probably because of the look of confusion on my face, i stuck my tongue out at him, i told him i would let him choose for me and he did, great now what have i done, about 10 minutes went by and then our food arrived, i looked down at my plate, it looked disgusting, like sick on a plate, i could feel myself gagging just from looking at it, i picked up my fork and put the tiniest bit on it and put it in my mouth, yuck, it was worse than it looked, by now Justin was nearly in tears from my whole reaction to it, i grabbed my wine and chugged it down, i looked up at Justin and spoke

"It's not funny!!!, Im suddenly not hungry anymore" I muttered

"Don't be silly!" he laughed

"You're right, of course im fucking hungry, but i'd rather eat actual food" I whispered

"Come on, lets go" he chuckled

We stood up and headed to the desk, Justin left some money with one of the workers and with that we left, Justin stopped of at a drive through McDonalds on our way back to the tour bus, the lady who served us face was priceless when she saw Justin, i thought she was going to die, she had to get someone else come and speak for her, it was the funniest thing, but obviously i couldn't just burst out laughing, that would've been rude. We arrived at the tour bus and headed in, the dogs come over to say hello, i stroked their big heads and then walked over to Caitlin who was holding Mally, i took him from her and then walked away

"Faith?" Caitlin called

Shit, i come across really rude then

"Yeah?" I replied with a smile

"Has he told you yet?" she asked

"Who?" I frowned

"Justin" she questioned

"Told me what" i replied

"Oh nevermind, it's his place to say it, not me" she rushed

"I'll go ask him then" I sighed

I walked over to Justin and asked him

"Caitlin said you needed to tell me something"

His face fell, and so did mine, was it something bad, omg

"not now fay" he sighed

"what do you mean" i asked

"please, can we just do this after the show?" Justin pleaded

"Urm, i guess so" i frowned

"Thanks" he weakly smiled

I smiled back, and looked at the clock, it was half 4, sound check was in an hour and a half, i walked into my room to get changed, tonight was our last night in new york, i can't remember where Justin said we was going next, i'll ask him later, i placed Mally on my bed and started to get changed, i had already picked out my outfit this morning;

I picked Mally up and then done a twirl in the mirror, i walked out, Justin had got changed;

"Not going to put a top on" I joked

He looked at me and smiled, he come up to me and gave me a huge hug, just for no reason? I laughed at him and then demanded a picture, of course he agreed, i handed Mally to Kenny and then pulled out my phone to take a picture, Justin had put on a black top and a pair of sunglasses haha freak, Justin grabbed my phone and took the picture before I could;

I laughed and grabbed my phone back and uploaded the picture onto instagram with the caption 'Tour life @justinbieber #birthdaygirl' i was about to slip my phone back in my pocket but i saw the cutest thing ever and had to get a picture, i quickly took one;

Mally and Justin were bonding, i uploaded it to instagram with the caption 'Best birthday in a long time, craziest present from @justinbieber and now their bonding so cute. #my2monkeys'

I laughed at what i had written, and then Justin started laughing, i looked over his shoulder, he was looking at the picture i had put up haha, i opened up my twitter and decided i would write a tweet

'Thankyou for all the birthday messages, means a lot, got the craziest birthday present from @justinbieber , but thats what bestfriends are for right? #my2monkeys X" 

I waited a few moments and then refreshed my interactions, i had a ton of new followers, and birthday tweets, i then saw Justin's reply

"@faithwilliams your birthday's not over yet ;) and you love Mally!!! #3littlemonkeys #not2 x"

I laughed at his retweeted it and then put my phone into my bra and walked off the bus to head towards the arena, i needed to have my hair and makeup done, Justin caught up with me, still holding Mally, i took him of him and let him sit on my shoulder, Justin then run ahead of me as he had to get ready sooner than me, i walked in the building and followed the signs, i ended up in the hairdressers bit, i walked over to the guy, who was a bit taken back by Mally, i smiled and then explained what i wanted to have done, and he begun his work, we had started at about quarter to 5 and it was now quarter to 6, i opened my eyes to reveal my new hair;

It felt so nice to finally be a normal color again, i twirled around admiring my new locks, i loved them, and they were so bouncy!!! I thanked the man and then headed towards the makeup part i walked in the room and the lady smiled at me, and then rushed over to see Mally, i laughed and sat down in the sit, placing Mally on my lap, he was as good as gold. I was finally allowed to open my eyes to see my makeup;

I thanked the lady and then headed towards the stage, it was 6, which meant Justin was already on stage, i stood at the edge and then realised that Scooter had come and stood behind me

"Go up if you like" he smiled

"Really" i asked

"Course" he laughed

"Thanks" i beamed

I walked towards the back entrance and started to walk onto the stage, the crowd started to cheer, and i quickly put my finger to my lips so they lowered their voices, Justin was about to ask a question when i screamed into the mic "BOOOOOOOO" Justin's whole body jerked, i burst out laughing, Mally started to join in with some weird noise, which made me laugh even more


*Justins POV*

I was warming up the crowd with a few jokes, then i would invite Christian and Austin on, i was about to say something when someone screamed, making me jump, i was about to turn around to give the culprit a piece of my mind when i heard the person laugh, her laugh, it was Fay, her laugh was so pure and angelic, i turned around and saw her standing there in fits of laughter, she had tears forming in her eyes, and Mally had started to join in with some weird noise, she looked amazing, she had dyed her hair brown and now had blonde tips, it looked really good, she stopped laughing and looked at me with a mischievous smirk playing on her lips, i laughed at her and then turned to the audience and shouted into the mic 'EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR MY BEST FRIEND, AND NOT TO MENTION THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, FAITH WILLIAMS EVERYBODY" they all exploded into cheers, i looked over my shoulder and Faith had a huge smile on her face


*Faiths POV*

I walked towards Justin, with Mally now wrapped around my neck, i waved at everybody and then looked at Justin, indicating for him to do something

"Right, i think we should have a dance off, who agrees" Justin smirked at me

The crowd went wild

"I agree as well, wait here" i smiled, running off the stage

I walked around so that i was now standing in the actual arena, rather than on the stage, i slowly crept towards a girl who was standing at the back, i tapped her shoulder, and when she turned round i put my finger on my lips, so that she wouldn't scream

"wanna dance" i whispered

She nodded her head eagerly, i motioned for her to follow me and she did, i made her wait back a bit and then i run up on the stage

"Where did ya get off too" Justin chuckled

"You'll soon find out" i smirked

"Right let's begin" Justin laughed

Music started to blare through the speakers and Justin started to make some moves, he slid away from me and then pointed at me, i guess this was to indicate it was my turn, i started to dance, well as best as i could in 8 inch heels and a monkey on my shoulder, i softly pushed Justin, and then he started dance, and when he indicated it was my turn again i shouted out NOW and the girl i had chosen come running onto the stage, she stood there for a minute, and then started to dance, i went and sat down on the side, she wasn't a very good dancer, but she was having fun, and Justin had started to dance with her, and was now holding her handing and twirling her around. My best friend was absolutely amazing, but that's the key word isn't it? Friends? 

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