Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


14. Are You Alright?

We've been in LA for about an hour now, i rung my mum as soon as we had landed and we spoke for a bit and then when we finished me and the guys headed to the hotel, it was now half 5, me and the guys were sharing a hotel room, i didn't really mind seen as they were my bestfriends after all, as soon as we arrived at the hotel we got the door key and went to our room, we walked in and straight away i started unpacking my stuff, i started putting everything away, even the boys stuff!! They sat and watched telly while i done everything, i looked up at the clock again, it was nearly 7, the auditions tomorrow were at 11, which meant i would need to get up quite early, i turned to the boys who were laughing at something on the telly

"Wanna order some pizza?" I asked

"YES" they both shouted, haha, this is probably the longest Chaz has gone without food

I looked through the take away menu's that were in the kitchen when i found the pizza one, i knew what everyone liked so i ordered for them without bothering to ask what they wanted, i then went and sat on the couch and watched telly with them, about 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door, Chaz jumped up to answer it, he opened the door, took the pizza's and then handed over the money, he come back to the couch and handed everyone there food, we all said grace and then stuck in, i was the first to finish, as i had ordered the smallest pizza, i threw my box in the bin and then said goodnight to the boys, i was knackered, i headed towards the bedroom, there was one kingsize bed and then a small uncomfortable looking single bed next to it, i laughed at the thought of the boys arguing about who got that when they come to bed, i changed into a pair of shorts and i slept in my bra as it was boiling tonight. I climbed into bed and literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next morning and turned over to see Chaz next to me, guess he won I laughed, i lifted my head and saw Ryan on the uncomfortable bed, i looked at the time on my phone, 8, 3 hours, i can do this. I got out of the bed and headed towards the shower, i run it and then got in and washed my hair and body, and then climbed out and put a towel around my body, i left my hair down so it would dry. I walked over to the wardrobe and had a look for some clothes when i found the outift i wanted to wear, which was;

I done my hair like;

(thats how long her hair is)

I quickly glanced at my phone, it had just gone 10, better wake the boys up, i screamed at the top of my voice and boy did that work, Ryan fell of the bed, i couldn't breath from how much i was laughing omg. Haha, I told them to get ready cause we needed to leave soon, they both nodded and got up to start getting ready, half an hour later and both boys were dressed, we left the hotel room and we got a taxi to the audition place, somehow i was one of the first people here, i walked up to the signing in sheet and signed in and then got my ticket, i was number 16, just like my age i laughed to myself. I walked in and waited, i looked around there wasnt many people here at all, someone was sitting in the corner singing to himself, he was amazing, he looked up and i smiled at him, he smiled back and then looked back down and carried on singing. I looked at the boys and realised i was so nervous

"We should go" I whispered

"What? Why?" they both asked

"I shouldn't be here, this was a mistake" I answered

"Don't be silly fay, you'll be amazing" they laughed

I felt like i was having a panic attack, i literally couldn't breath, the boy who had been singing in the corner walked up to me and handed me a bottle of water

"Drink it" he smiled

"Thanks" i huffed

"No worries" he laughed

"I don't sing in front of crowds" I moaned

"Why not aye" he chuckled

"It's not something im very open about" I giggled

"Oh i see, well i'm Cody, and i love to sing" he replied, holding out his hand

"Well i'm Faith and im friends with Justin Bieber" I blurted out, shaking his hand, wtf, why did i say that??? He probably thinks im crazy now, great

"Urmm, thats cool?" he answered

"Im sorry, i dont even know why i said that, i think its the nerves" i half laughed

"No worries, he's that new singer isn't he, he's pretty good" he replied

"He's not really new, he's sung in Canada for ages, he just weren't very well known" I corrected. Why was we talking about Justin, i needed to get of the subject, like NOW!

"I see" he smiled, looking rather awkward

"Urm, this is Chaz and Ryan" i said pointing to them

They all awkwardly said hey, guess i made things worse, the whole time i'd been speaking to Cody i hadn't realised people had been going on the stage and singing, my thoughts were interupted by a lady shouting out for number 15

"Well thats me" Cody smiled

"Good luck" i wished

"Thanks" he said following the lady that had called his number

10 minutes later my number was called, i could feel myself shaking, omg!!! I was so nervous!! I followed the lady with Chaz and Ryan behind me, the lady beconed for me to walk onto the stage, i did as i was told, i looked at the judges, they were Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland, they all looked up as i walked on the stage, i smiled warming at them all.

"So what's your name" Demi asked

"Faith, Faith Williams" I sturted

"Ok, and how old are you Faith" she replied

"17" i answered

"Ok, and why are you here today" she questioned

"Umm, im not really sure, it was kind of a last minute decision" I laughed

"Haha, and what are you going to sing" she laughed back

"I wont give up" I replied

"Ok, good luck" she smiled

I stood in place and opened my mouth and started to sing

"When I look into your eyes
 It's like watching the night sky
 Or a beautiful sunrise
 Well, there's so much they hold
 And just like them old stars
 I see that you've come so far
 To be right where you are
 How old is your soul?

 Well, I won't give up on us
 Even if the skies get rough
 I'm giving you all my love
 I'm still looking up

 And when you're needing your space
 To do some navigating
 I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

'Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We've got a lot to learn
God knows we're worth it
No, I won't give up"

I pulled the microphone away from my mouth and waited for the comments to be said, it was ironic, the whole time i sung the song i had Justin stuck in my head, even though it was just yesterday that i had said i give up with us, the irony haha. I looked at the judges, there faces looked pleased? I think?

"Well faith, that was not at all expected" Simon said

""I agree" Katy replied

"You were absoutly amazing, and definately what we are looking for, so im saying yes" Simon smiled

"Im saying yes as well" Katy giggled

Demi stood up in her seat and started clapping, and soon the whole arena was filled with the sound of applauses, for me? Omg

"Well, faith, i won't lie, your so young and there was no way on this earth that i expected that to come out of your mouth, you seemed so passionate about the song, like you was really connected to it" she stated

"I guess you could say i kinda am" i smiled

"Well keep doing whatever it is your doing and im sure you'll go far!, It's a yes from me" she laughed

"Me two baby" Kelly chuckled

I literally froze to the spot, I couldn't believe it!!! I got four yes's!!!! I stood there just dead still and a few tears run down my face, i couldn't move, it felt like my legs were stuck to the floor, and then i heard someone ask "Are you alright?"

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