Prophylactic story

Inspired by Giorgio Melazzi


1. Prophylactic story

For years bored for the same routine, and maybe poisoned by some frustration, the woman has choose: she will betray her husband.

Any man is good for that she wants to do, a married man too.

So, she prepare her self:

White bra and loincloth under a tight red dress, red like fire as she haves inside her,

tight that you can see the stretch marks when she was fat.

Perhaps something is missing.

Her eyes twinkled, she remeber what it is.

He just stood quiet waiting his moment, when he feels to move.

A condom passed from the the bedside (side of husband) to the inside pocket of a handbag for women.

No one can understand that will happen like a prophylactic, especially those ultrasensitive, as one what was in the bedside.

When she pulls up the bag, in that momentary vacuum, he feels something inside the stomach, maybe discomfort, however he breathes air of guilt. Is the betrayal, betray him.

I'm not talking about the woman but the prophylactic! He's going to betray his buyer.

The fact that he's going to be use by another one that not choose him.

This, this confuse him, this gives him pain.

An orgasm for revenge was'nt the life he dreamed, because he knows that no one survive the throwaway, no one more than they knows that only live once.

But he had been created for that reason, he must do it, unwillingly, but he must do it.

In the pocket of bag, Gucci signed, between red lipstick and a square mirror, he hears car starting, and fears the worst: "God please, do at least that does not happen in a parking"

He feels she searching in the bag, pray even more...

Saved! She picked up the phone for calling the husband and alert him that she would not dined with him "I go to make shopping with friends, would you buy a pizza?".

Close the call with the husband, and she make another call.

"I'm coming, ten minutes and i'm there."

In women's vocabolary, ten minutes are at least twenty, but when a woman going quickly to the lover, ten minutes become nine minutes.

Oh, how short is prophylactic's life?

No one knows.

Some prophylactic, time to turn the corner.

Others even become so old that they can no longer be used.

He knows only that wait is endless.

Bag pulled up again, car door slamming, anti-theft bip, parking ticket next to him fly over, one hour of life..

..a few steps and a click, maybe the interphone.

"It's me, open the palace gate"

"Ok, seventh floor"

The sound of heels on the marble and the noise that echoes in the hallway of the building.

For her, at seventh floor, waiting for an open door, just for her.

Behind the door there's this asshole that with a little elegance pulls her into the house and closes the door.

Would be the time of the tea, but with his wife to the sea and that of another in his house, with saxophone music in background, the hours you suddenly becomes valentine day.

This man has three neurons that not enough to boil the water, in his brain there's just a countdown, five minutes and let's fuck, his eyes out of their orbits, and now the next step and pull off her panties.

Her useless stall, she has gone to fuck him.

Here we go.

Both have a condom ready, but she is eager for use her ultrasensitive, her revenge requires to consume the condom of her husband.

He, the ultrasensitive condom, understood everything and he knows it: preliminaries done will come his moment.

And while the two go sit on the sofa, to the prophylactic see his entire life ahead:

since he was a kid, to school his favorite subject was "Friction and Lubrication" good old days.

He sees the faces of his friends, all around the world in six-packs.

The long days of testing in the lane, inflated with air and water, and to keep him hard to pass the test .

He was the elected, the chosen one, one of the best ever, with a high sensitivity, a sensitivity that would allow him to work for a while. Even just for a moment.

For this reason he wanted to live in an act of love,

and not in a trivial and hasty act of treason.

But his story was this.

Feels a hand in the bag

looking for something, he takes it,

then feel a bite that tears up the dress of plastic.

He's an ultrasensitive, and from that moment on, he feels the only elected

perfect, and does what he has to do.

At that moment another man in another house eats a pizza, and the triumph of that alibi ecstasy ends up on the couch together at the last slice of daisy.

What is the love for that prophylactic will remain a mystery forever.

Just feels a lump in throat and dies, with the sax playing only in the local two-bit, convinced that he lived in vain, hating asshole who is knotting.

Not for the node specified in the protocol

but for the idiot who is. Motherfucker.

The woman saw him with curiosity and ambiguity, but gentle and interesting too.

He's an idiot. Goodbye and fuck you.

Not simple to blame a prophylactic, all you can say about them except that they non understand a shit.

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