(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


4. the kisses

Niall's POV

I huffed out and told them the truth "no we have never gone out" I looked at Betty and she smiled at me with a redness on her cheek "but we have kissed" I looked down then at Betty noticing her her face even more red now

"wait, what? when?" Zayn asked tiredly coming down the stairs and I told everyone about us kissing, all of us looked at him as he came down the stairs yawning and looking at me and Betty

"its not what you think though guys, it was an accident...thefirsttime" I said to them, the last part mumbled and fast

"what was the last part?" I huffed out loud and said it so they could hear it

"the fir---first time?!" I looked down at my hands again then looked at Betty again and she was in the middle of her embarrassed laugh, which is the thing she only does when she's really embarrassed, the boys looked at us in shock

"you kissed twice?" they asked shocked.

Betty's POV *flashback*

I nocked on the door in tears, I had just been told about my nans death, I was really close to her but she was quite old, I wiped the tears away as the door opened "hello--oh, I will get Niall now" Maura told me with concern on her face, she knew I would be here to call for Niall but she knew whenever I was crying the only person I would like to talk to for a while is Niall

"thank you" I splurted out at her, she ran off and soon Niall came out to the door

"come in Betty, whats wrong" he asked giving me a hug, I hugged him back and told him about my nan "oh, sorry about that, I know how close you were so that must be hard on you at the moment" he hugged me even harder, we walked into his bedroom and sat on his bed while he taked to me and made me feel better, I was still upset but I was feelling a lot better than I was when I knocked on the door, we were sat on the bed looking at eachother when Niall slowly came closer to me, flickering his eyes to my lips then my eyes then back to my lips until our lips were on top of eachother, not long after he kissed me he back out of it quickly looking down embarrassed "im... im sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, your upset and im here just-" he was rambling on about how hes sorry and im upset but I cut him off with another kiss

Betty's POV *now*

back when the kiss happened I thought nothing off the kiss, we were young so we called the first an accident because we didn't know it counted "you didn't kiss once, you kissed twice" Louis said making me and Niall look at eachother we both had a red look on our cheeks and looked back at the boys

"no" we both said at the same time looking away, I looked down at my hands and Niall gave out a chuckle, we both always chuckled when we were embarrassed but for some reason I was able to hold it back

"I don't get you two, you kiss twice but never went out with each other?!" Zayn asked confused

"we were young OK?!" we both replied in unison again embarrassed even more

"so why don't you get together now?" some of the boys asked, I huffed out then replied

"well, I got engaged, im really upset because I ran away from the wedding day and I lied to my best friend, my family and my ex- fiancé" I said looking at Niall, when I looked back at the boys I could feel the tears coming but I held them back "and were just friends" me and Niall said together giving out a little laugh, I got up and got my phone "im just going to phone Rob, I haven't spoken to him since the night before the wedding" I told the boys and they nodded, It has been about a week or so since I have had a chat with him

"hello?... Rob whos that?... shh its Betty" I could hear the sound of Ruth's voice, I looked at my watch, it was ten o'clock in the morning what was she doing there

"hi Rob, its me, I wanted to apologize for.. you know" I told him trying to hold back the tears and pushing back the questions about Ruth in my head

"its ok Betty, it did hurt me but......


dun dun dun, cliff hanger, well I hope its a good cliff hanger


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