(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


1. run away

Betty's POV

im only five minutes away from becoming Mrs betty red "no, I cant do it"

"you can, your just getting nervouse" my best friends, also chief bridesmaid, told me

"no ruth, I cant, I cant do it, I don't love him, I realise that now" as I told her this I lifted up the big white dress and ran out the church and anywhere I could, I didn't know where I would go but I know that im not getting married to him, I got to a allyway and ran down there and crouched behind the big bins "maybe I will just stay betty rivers, maybe I like being betty rivers" I told myself trying to convince myself that it wasn't because I don't love him anymore, as I said this a flood of tears escaped my eyes

Ruth's POV

I watched Betty run out of the church and I was shocked, what do I do? I ran into the ceremony part and the music started playing, everyone stood up and I stopped, Rob, Betty's fiancé, looked around with a smile on his face but it soon disappeared when he saw me and not Betty "no no, stop the music, shes the bridesmaid not the bride, wheres Betty, Ruth?" he asked me with worry written all over his face

"she---she ran away, she said that she doesn't want to get married to you, she has realised she doesn't love you anymore. I-im sorry Rob" I told him lowering my head and letting a tear slide down my face while listening to the gasps and chatter in front of me, I felt someone rush past and another person hug me, I looked up and Rob was giving me a hug crying too

"its ok Ruth, its not your fault" I could tell he was heart broken but he wasn't trying to show it

-----'s POV

I rushed out of the ceremony hall as soon as Ruth had explained it to everyone, I was shocked but Betty had been telling me that she wasn't sure if she loves Rob anymore and I kept telling her it will be fine on the wedding day, I stopped and thought for a moment "where would Betty go"

"I got it" and I started running, Betty likes to either come to me or go to dark places where she could be alone if she was upset, I ran along a street and stopped at the entrance of a dark ally way and listened for her cries, as I stopped I could hear them so I ran over to her

Betty's POV

I heard what sounded like someone running towards me, I just closed my eyes and buried my head into my knee's "Betty, are you ok? why did you run away... I should've listened to you when you were telling me you didn't love him anymore" I heard a voice I recongnised well, I looked up and saw the face of my best friend, Niall Horan, he was Robs best man so he was in a suit wich he really suited

"Niall, don't blame your self please" I told him and moved over so he could sit next to me, as soon as he did I gave him a massive hug, he cradled me as I sobbed even more

"but it is my fault Betty, I should've done something or said something when I had the chance to but now its too late and your sat here with your wedding dress on crying your eyes out in an allyway" he told me, smoothing my hair, that always calmed me down and he knew it

"that may be true but its not your fault Niall, your not the one that loved him, your not the one that agreed to marrying him, your not the one that realised you don't love him any more but didn't say anything, and your not the one that ran away on your wedding day" I told him looking up and into his beautiful blue eyes, whenever I looked into his eyes calmed me down too


so hey guys this is just the first chapter so sorry if it sucks, what do you think of it so far? I would love to here your feedback whenever you read it because it gives me an idea on how to improve or if I should just make the whole thing better

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