(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


8. really dont want to say this

"so wait wait wait, let me get this straight, you were 4 when you started to hear and speak?" Harry asked me shocked

"no, i was 4 when i started hearing and i was 4 and a half when i started speaking, so i think i did pretty good at learning to speak because It had only been half a year of talking when I met Niall" i laughed and so did the others

"and there was me thinking I knew almost everything about you but you carrie on suprising me" Niall laughed,i poked his side and got up "where you going?"

"to the toilet, wanna come watch?" I joked and he jokingly nodded, I rolled my eyes and walked to the bathroom. Lately I have been feeling really sick, I locked the door and pulled out a pregneancy test, I know I wasn't pregnant with Niall's kid because we haven't....done it..and I hoped I wasn't pregnant because that would mean it was Rob's and I reall don't want that. once the time I had to wait was up I looked at the pregnancy test to see it was positive. I gave out a little cry and cleaned up my face and walked back into the front room with a fake smile across my face.

"we thought you fell down the toilet" Louis looked over to me and I laughed at him, and shook my head

"no, I just went into my bedroom, to look for something but as I did I forgot what it was so I stayed there to see if it would come back to me" where did that lie come from? I have never been good at lying but that sounded believable.

"Betty, come here please?" Niall called me, pulling me into his room

"why are we here?" I asked him looking at him straight in the eyes, he sat me down and crouched in front of me

"you wanna cry, I know you do, you cant lie to me Betty, I have known you for 15 years, what happened when you were in the toilet?" Niall asked me, I huffed sadly and looked at him with the true feelings.

"im---im pregnant Ni, and I know its Robs" I cried, he got up from his crouchin position and pulled me up, we stood there hugging each other until I stopped crying, just as I had finished and wiped the tears away all the boys came running into the room.

"whats going on? why are you running in here?" Niall asked

"theres someone at the door" Liam told him

"go answer it then"

"not for us....for Betty" Zayn told him looking at me, I got out of Nialls arms and looked at Niall scared, he nodded at me and I walked out of the room with Niall right beside me. I walked up to the door and opened it revealing Rob and Ruth.

"what do you want?" I asked him bluntly, he looked at me then Niall

"can I talk to you....Alone" he asked me still looking at Niall, I looked at Niall and he nodded his head, I walked outside with Rob "I... need your help" he told me

"oh so, Its ok to call me slut and all that lot but when you need help you come over here asking me to help? why don't you ask your girlfriend" I shouted at him

"she cant help, just hear me out,please" I pleaded me, I huffed out and looked at him for him to carry on "shes.. pregnant, with my kid-"

"that makes two of us" I mumbled to myself

"and I don't know what to.... wait what? your pregnant too, and its mine?" he asked me, I looked at him with tears threatening to fall, but I held them back and just nodded

"what did you want me to help you with then?" I asked him

"I was going to tell you im scared and I need your help with it but..."

"like I said.. something to talk to your girlfriend about, shes the one you got pregnant and your scared about" I told him

"but know its the same with you" he told me

"well, I can help you with this one, I can keep him away from you..done. sorted" I started walking away from him

"Please Betty, I don't want you to keep it away from me"

"ok then you have a week to prove that you want it with you and maybe just maybe then I wont keep it away from you" I shouted at him and slammed the door. all this stress cant be good. I sat down on the sofa with tears streaming down my face, I felt the space next to me sink down. I looke over and saw a very blurry version of Niall sat next to me rubbing my back. I could hear some doors opening then closing. I wiped away the tears and everything was clear again.

"remind me to never get on your bad side Betty" I heard Harry say, I gave out a little chuckle

"I can get a lot worse" I told him and he gave me a scared look that made me laugh again

"what was all that about though Betty?" Louis and Liam asked, I looked over at Niall and he gave me a heart warming smiled

"im- pregnant" I told them

"wow you guys move fast" Louis jokingly said

"its not mine mate" Niall told him

"you've cheated on Niall?!" Zayn asked me as a joke

"its--" I couldn't tell then who's it was because I had broke down crying so Niall told them and they all huddled around me giving me a massive hug, I heard my phone make a noise and I walked over to it, it was a text from Rob

*from Rob: Betty I don't know what I can do to prove to you that I want to see it when its born, that I don't want you to keep it away from me*

~to Rob: im going to make an appointment to see the doctor to find out how far I am, when I get that appointment, you meet me at the doctors on that day and the time and if you have something on that day you drop it and go~

I text him, not long after that I got a very happy thankyou text from him, I phined the doctors and made an appointment.

~to Rob: meet me at the doctors tomorrow 8:30 am, if your not there when im having the test im not letting you see him or her~

I went to bed early and woke up to my alarm going of, I got ready and walked out to the front room, no one was there, I went to open the door and I felt a hand on my shouldier, I turned around to see Niall stood behind me "let me come with you" I smiled at him and nodde my head, we walked out together and whent into the car, just in time because all the paparazzi was surrounding the house as we pulled away. I got to the doctors a couple minutes early and still no Sign of Rob

"Mrs. Betty Rivers" I heard my name call, this is it, I know what im about to do I smiled at the nurse and walked in I had the tests done and found out I was 3 weeks and a couple of days

"I really don't want to say this but... can I have.... can I have an abortion" i asked the nurse, i looked at Niall with teary eyes and he was looking back at me with a shocked expression "he's not here and i don't want anything to remind me of him" i told Niall and his facial expression soon changed to understanding. 

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