Samantha's life

Samantha Colon is a 19 year old girl, with a makeup youtube channel and she is ready to see what the world is bringing to her.


1. The invite

"Hello?" I woke up with the phone ringing


"Hi! Is this Samantha Colon?" They asked


"Uh, yes, who is it?"


"My name is Jack Houton, and I'm calling you to ask if you want to participate on the youtube meeting in LA"


"OMG yes! Of course I want!" I couldn't believe that that was happening to me 


"Good, we'll e-mail you the details soon"


"Okay, thank you for invite me" We turn off the phones 


I was so excited that I almost forget that I had to get up for school


"Samantha, hurry up! You're going to be late" My mum said


I come downstairs, pick up an apple andd run to my car


"Where you going so fats?" asked my mum


"I need to talk to Andrea, I talk to you laater, love you bye" Andrea is my best friend since ever


"Okay sweetie, love you too, have a nice day"


I picked up Andrea. She entered the car and saw me with the biggest smile and asked:

"Hi, what's up? Why are you smilling like that?" 


"It's just a good day..." I answered 


"And why it is a good day? It's just another thursday, like many others"


"You don't know the news..."


"So, tell me what the news are!" She told me


"Guess what! I was invited for the youtube meeting in LA!''


"OMG, I can't belive!" She screamed at me

"That's why I am with this stupid smile in my face"


"And when is it?"


"I don't know the details yet, but they told me that they will e-mail me later"


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