The Abandoned Street

After Lenay decides to drop out of school and begins the "fun life" a 16 year old should really have, she thinks up the most idiotic things to do to begin her life without the boredom of school and it's work being in her way.
She decides to walk down the long time abandoned street, the short cut, home.

This street was abandoned for a reason. What will Lenay find there?


5. The Skeleton Track

A nauseous smell wafted through the air, boy what I would have given to be at school right now! The ghastly scent of rotten flesh became more unbearable by each step, but I was sure this track led to somewhere. Then I thought to myself, what kind of sick person would build a bridge out of human remains? Or any creatures remains for that matter. What had I gotten myself into this time, I wondered, shaking my head. Blood rushed to my head and in a matter of seconds and throbbing pain came back, blinding me as I stumbled through the darkness, tripping over one slippery pile of bones after another. Finally I decided to stop my blind walk and wait until my eyesight got better, but before I stopped I took one last step. "Aagh!" I have a short yell, seeing I only fell for a short time before my face fell against a bumpy surface. More bones I thought to myself, not wanting to open my eyes, even if I couldn't see. I fell asleep with the dreaded feeling of seeing where I was now, crawling through my stomach.

I woke up startled, another scream erupted from my dim surroundings, was it mine? Had I been sleep talking again? I wasn't completely sure. "Hey! I can see again!" I said a bit too loudly for my liking, in this long stretch of bones and darkness. I began to walk again but rotten flesh eroded underneath my weight. "No, no, NO!" I said with wide eyes. I stepped backwards to find safe bone land, but only found myself being absorbed quicker into the fragile rotten flesh. I panicked, hauling one leg out while the other stuck fast and deep. By the time I gave up I was up to my chest in putrid goo, maggots squirmed around my legs and ventured into my clothes. I closed my eyes and awaited my cruel death. "Ouch!" I yelled crossly, "great, now I'm being eaten by maggots." I said sarcastically. "I am most certainly not a maggot!" Said a boy crossly. "So now I'm hallucinating! Just perfect!" I said, with more sarcasm coming out of my mouth. "Well if you don't want my help, I'll leave you to your fate then." Said the boy gloomily, like he hadn't had anyone to talk to in ages. "No, no!" I said as he began to walk away, "please, help if you can." I said with desperation and pleading eyes. The boy came back, "I'm Isaac," he said, "what's your name?"

"Oh god," I said looking, upwards, "are you going to ask my date of birth and where I live as well, before you get me out of here?" I asked in annoyance. "Okay, if you want." Said Isaac beaming at me with his grimy face, which seemed to be glowing somehow. "Isaac?" I said, "just get me out of here, before I sink any lower." "Yeah, sure!" He replied, before picking up a skeletal arm from the mass of bones piled underneath him. "Here! Grab onto this." He said, all of a sudden his face becoming intense and serious. I jerked my arm out of the nauseous smelling flesh and sunk lower still, holding my hand out for Isaac extension arm. I grabbed onto the bony hand held out for me. "Have you got it?" I heard Isaac say. "Yep." I replied, and soon after I could feel my body sliding through the many rotten fleshes and writhing maggots.

My body had finally gotten free of the quicksand flesh, and I felt as if I had used all of my energy in getting free. I fell forward, but I did not land on the moss and bones, hand were there to catch me. The weight of my body lifted off of my legs and I no longer touched the ground of bone. Sleep over came me and I drifted of into a sound and peaceful sleep.

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