The Abandoned Street

After Lenay decides to drop out of school and begins the "fun life" a 16 year old should really have, she thinks up the most idiotic things to do to begin her life without the boredom of school and it's work being in her way.
She decides to walk down the long time abandoned street, the short cut, home.

This street was abandoned for a reason. What will Lenay find there?


2. Short Cut

Hmmm, what to do on my first day of real living? I thought hard to myself scrounging up my forehead. Something dangerous maybe, wild even! Then I realised I had come to the forked street. The obvious side I would have taken in normal circumstances was the left, bright and sunny, where as the right side captured the image of a depressed persons mind. Cracked cement, the pale, peeled paint of old unused houses and no sign of lively hood in the rundown neighbourhood, it was clear that Bently street had been abandoned decades ago, but I knew the reason, tales of how people died only months after moving into their new houses to start a fresh, peaceful life, a curse they said it was. Rubbish! I thought, and began to venture into the forbidden street, "curse-shmurse" I said rolling my eyes, chuckling to myself quietly. I could see immediate difference in the road I had been walking on. I took a step into Bently street. The small cracks turned into deep gouges in the cement. The temperature changed rapidly, I had even began to break into a sweat, a cold sweat. I began to worry, mum believed in curses- But then again, she believed in unicorns...

She believed that her aunt had been cursed by a hobo. "Who would believe that a hobo cursed someone!?" My mother had said, "Dark magic's a very powerful thing! Don't you ever let me catch you using it!" She said, pointing a gangrenous finger at me, when I was younger. "Yes mommy!" I replied when I was little, stupid and little, I believed her and I was almost in tears, what crack pot parent would tell their children that "black magic" and curses were real?? I sighed, the past was quite different from the now, not my mother of course, she still used Centerlink to pay off the bills on our shabby apartment and her cigarets, typically. Anyway, I was half way into the street, I could hear wailing coming from a house with grimy, shattered windows to my right. Now I was beginning to understand the warnings from my mother... But why would I listen to her? She's crazy! I began to walk faster, still looking at the house, just in case a ghoul like creature jumped out and attached it's fangs to my face. Suddenly, I tripped.

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