The Abandoned Street

After Lenay decides to drop out of school and begins the "fun life" a 16 year old should really have, she thinks up the most idiotic things to do to begin her life without the boredom of school and it's work being in her way.
She decides to walk down the long time abandoned street, the short cut, home.

This street was abandoned for a reason. What will Lenay find there?


4. Light

I looked at it confusingly. I got up slowly and stumbled towards my escape route. "Hallelujah!" I said looking up to the grey sky. Scratching away at the wall of rock, my already short nails crumbled like pineapple pie base, not that I'd really had the privilege of having eaten it before.

Snap! Another nail broke against the hard surfaced rocks and the sound usually made by nails on a chalk board screamed at my ear drums. "Shiiit!" I yelled, pulling my dirty hands up to my ears. Of course, I still had to continue the great escape I had vaguely planned. I wished someone would just tell me whether I was hallucinating or if I was actually getting out of my close shave from death. I continued digging and finally broke through the wall of rock. To my horror laid in front of me were bones, I'm not even sure all the bones were human, I winced. Exact imitations of the noise I made repeated continuously until it died out. I looked around the dim stretch of mossy green bones scattered off into the distance and realised the skeletal remains formed a bridge.

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