War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A few weeks past by after that first mission. There wasn’t much apart from a few abusive people in the village and a tighter security. Tanya and I are usually in the village more than we were at the base. The village is amazing and I love the people there especially when I got to see some of their traditions. Like every full moon they light a bright fire in the middle of the village and they sing and hum songs in their tongue and they celebrate a new beginning of day. It’s quite an amazing place.

“Payne, Kennedy, you’re on watch,” Tyler commanded as we walked out of our bunk. We nodded our heads to our lieutenant then gathered up our equipment. This was the first time Tanya and I were assigned on watch together. You’d think that because we’re close we’d always be put together–which sometimes gets frustrating because it reinforces the idea of me and Tanya being in love when we’re actually not–but we’re never put together. Most people found it odd, especially Marsha who I’m sure has some mini club full of supporters of “Lanya” which Marsha likes to call us. I thought ‘ship’ names were over since Sophia and I broke up and i became single but i guess it followed me here.

I pulled on the extra armour and slipped into the combat backpack that all people were required to wear when on watch for protection. I grabbed an empty EM1 and slipped the ammo into the side pocket of my bag. I turned to Tanya when I was done and saw her just finishing up. We saluted Tyler on our way out and promised a rematch in football with Marsha and Sam.

We decided to walk in the sweltering heat with our whole body covered in our uniform (not exactly the right choice). By the time we got to the village I've already sweat an ocean and Tanya's forehead was glistening. The first thing we did was scouted the perimeter which is basic procedure after what happened a few weeks ago. Then we met at the front and walked into the village together, keeping our eyes and ears open.

“Leeyum! Taniya!” Hamisi shouted as he ran from the three kids he was playing with, Asya among them. The both of them ran for us and I scooped Asya up into my arms and Tanya did the same to Hamisi. The two of them have been opening up to us after a few weeks. They finally broke out of their shells and started to talk to us in their broken english. I gripped the strap of my EM1 and pulled it onto my shoulder so I could hold Asya better.

“How are you, Asya?” I asked the little girl. She giggled and played with the straps of my helmet.

“I am good. How is you?” She asked and I lightly laughed at her adorable grammatical error.

“I am very good, Asya. The weather is great!” I told her.

“What is weather?” She asked with a cute frown in her eyebrows.

“The way the world is,” I replied, completely unsure of how to explain weather in a simpler form.

“Oh,” she said and the crease between her eyebrows disappeared and she wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed. I gave her a kiss on the cheek before she reached out for Tanya. Tanya and I swapped kids and I spoke to Hamisi for a bit before giving him a hug and putting him back on the ground. They both grinned at the both of s before walking back to their friends and resumed their game.

I spotted Adimu and gave her a soft hug and a smile. “How are you, Adimu?”

She nodded her head. “Good, good.”

“That’s good,” I replied I sat beside her as I watched the little kids and Tanya, who approached them and asked to play as well.

“Hamisi is, uh, growing six in four days,” Adimu told me. I grinned at the new information. Little Hamisi is six. I was so happy.

“What are you doing for his birthday?” I asked her just as Tanya lifted up Asya by her hands and spinned her around, Asya laughing all the way.

“We are d-doing a, how do you say, a, uh, tradi-ction(tradition) t-tha we do for every boy on his birthday,” she told me. i nodded and didn’t ask any further because I could tell she was struggling to speak in english. We sat there in silence until Hamisi grabbed a stick and hung it in the air and ran around. She quickly stood up and yelled at the little boy in their tongue, running after him. I chuckled at Hamisi’s behaviour and walked up to Tanya, who was hiding a smile, and Asya, who had a grumpy frown on her face as she watched her brother.

“Guess what?” I told Tanya as she brushed back Asya’s curls and got up off the ground.

“What?” She asked.

“Hamisi is turning six in the four days,” I said. Her eyes lit up and a smile graced her lips.

“Really? Wow. What are they doing for his birthday? i want to visit him,” she said as she stared at the boy who had a scowl on his face, listening to his mother scold him.

“They’re doing a village tradition. We could visit him after that,” I told her and she nodded her head. She picked up her own EM1 off the floor from where she dropped it to pick up Hamisi. “Come on, let’s walk around. Dawson won’t be happy if he heard that all we’re doing it playing with the kids.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know, dad.”

“Please I’m far from what you’re dad’s like,” I snorted.

“How do you know what my dad’s like?” She questioned challengingly with a raised eyebrow.

I shrugged. “You told me your dad was pretty strict and I’m not strict.”

“I said he was strict at times not all the time. Usually it was only when it came to our schooling and our behaviour but other than that he was pretty damned laid back,” she said, “one time I brought home a guy after a party, this was like 11th grade, and he was like a stoner. Dad took one look at him rolled his eyes and said, and I quote, ‘stoner’s are terrible at it, don’t do it’.”

I gave her a look of disbelief before bursting into laughter. “You’re not actually serious.”

“I’m dead serious. I was never so horrified in my life. First off, shouldn’t fathers stop their daughters from doing it. And secondly, how the hell would he know if stoners are bad? God, I was so creeped out,” she shook her head with a soft laugh from the memory.

“Jesus, thank god my parents weren’t like that. Except this one time, my older sister came home late and she was drunk and she was saying really weird things about how dad got so drunk he rode a goat around town naked. I thought it wasn’t true because I was like thirteen and I was at that age where I thought my parents had the most boring lives. Turns out that story was a town legend.” I paused then said, “my dad had pictures. And showed them to me.”

Tanya doubled over laughing and I shuddered at the memory of those pictures. I was thirteen. I was not ready to see my dad naked in his teenage years. Hell, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to see him naked ever.

“Oh, god,” she muttered, still chuckling over my memory.

“I’ve never looked at my dad the same,” I told her.

“You know, I found out who the stoner my dad slept with a couple months after that,” Tanya mused.

My eyebrows raised. “Who was it?”

She took a deep breath in and sighed, as if saying it out loud was painful. “It was mum,” she whispered.

I don’t think I ever stopped laughing. All I remembered was the pain in my stomach and the pain in my cheeks and my eyes were blurry. It hurt to even walk and I’m pretty sure I gained more muscle then than I have when I was working out. I laughed alone for a while until Tanya started to laugh along. I tired to stopping and apologising but I just couldn’t. It was funny knowing that her mum was a stoner but it’s funnier when you know that her mum is this responsible, sensible and self preserved.

“Oh, god. I’m sorry but,” I started to laugh again but then stopped when I saw her horrified expression as if just remembering everything after laughing.

“I can’t believe she was a stoner. I tried bringing it up once but she gave me this scary look and I was so frightened I never spoke of it again. i never even told Cali though I’m sure she’d never let my mum live it down no matter how many scary looks she gets,” she said. “I swear, Cali has more balls than I do.”

“Oh please, is Cali in the army right now? Did she ever sky dive? Did she ever swim with the sharks? No, didn’t think so. I’m pretty sure you have more balls than she does,” I snorted. I remembered her telling me all these adventures she went on when she was in Sixth Form. She told me that was the best year of her life. Most people don’t do it until they’re in their twenties but she did it a year early and she loved every part of it. She apparently ask Cali to do it with her but she was too scared to.

“Spoken like a man... who’s so in love with me, it’s sickening,” she winked and I pushed her shoulder.

“You’re the worst, Tanya,” I chuckled as I walked in front of her.

“Aw, Li, come on,” she teased as she walked beside me and bumped her hip to mine.

That was how the rest of the afternoon went. We talked about childhood memories we never shared with anyone. I was accused of loving her four times in those three hours which is a record since usually gets me at least twice an hour.

We said goodbye to Hamisi and Asya, giving the both of them kisses and hugs, then drove back to the base. By that time it was nearing five o'clock and the sun was starting to fall down. As we were putting our gear back, Sam and Marsha approached us with grins on their faces.

"Well, look who's back," Sam grinned, his eyes were shining with excitement.

When we played football at eight in the morning, it was Sam and Marsha against Tanya and I. We drew at three each. The pair of them were great, they had this weird telepathic connection. If Sam faked left and kicked right, Marsha was there in two seconds. Heck, she knew exactly what was going to happy before he did. Tanya and I were good as a team. We worked together and scored. The game lasted an hour and after each goal the other team scored. It was frustrating so we decided to stop before we (and by we, I mean Sam and I since we're the competitive ones) got too frustrated.

"Alright, Alright. We're coming," I sighed and we all walked out to the open area a few metres away from the entrance of the base.

Sam had the ball in his hand, bouncing it up and down just as Tanya and I set up the goals.

"Alright, same teams since you girls need a helping hand?" Sam teased with a smirk on his face and the ball tucked in the arch of his arm, holding it against his body.

Marsha narrowed her eyes at the man and took a step towards him. "I think we can do just fine without your species."

I watched them with my eyes moving from one to another. This was pretty normal for the both of them, Sam would tease Marsha until she cracked. I looked at Tanya and she gave me a shrug of her shoulders and stood behind Marsha. Of course, she'd side with her. Marsha is a girl after all. I went to stand beside Sam though I didn't know what was going on. If there were any onlookers all they would see was girls vs. guys thing but really it was a Sam vs. Marsha thing with Tanya and I behind the people of our gender since it was going to be a girls vs. guys thing.

"Okay, let's do it," Sam challenged and Marsha took a step back and smiled confidently.

"Bring it, bitch," she grinned and high five'd Tanya, the both of them going to stand on their side.

"What was that about this time?" I asked Sam. He didn't answer me, instead just gave me a secretive smile and went to go stand a few metres in front of the goals. I shrugged off the oddity of Marsha and Sam and just focused on the game.

An hour into the game and suddenly Sam was regretting what he said. Marsha was putting her all into the game and even though we were winning by one point, they didn't look as tired as we felt. Tanya was the goalie and so was I so technically the game was just about Sam and Marsha. The game was first to five and we've got four and they've got three.

"Oh shit!" Sam shouted just as Marsha faked right and kicked the ball between his legs. She blew pat Sam, chasing after the ball. Sam tried to catch up but he couldn't so I ran forward to stop but she turned left a foot away from me and kicked the ball straight in. I panted as I stared at the white ball rolling through the goals.

"How the hell," I muttered.

Marsha looked straight past me and right at Sam with the most smug smile and said, "four all."

"Uh huh, we're still going to win," Sam promised and I ran after the ball to kick it from the goals.

As soon as the ball left my area, Sam went running straight after it but I overestimated the distance between the both of us and the speed needed so it ended up zooming straight past him and right to Marsha. She grinned and started to dribble the ball back to my end. I refused to leave my goal, knowing my mistake the first time but she somehow got the best of me and sent the ball whizzing past, straight through.

"And that's five to four," Marsha announced with a big smile. Tanya came up from her hand and high five'd Marsha with a grin on her face.

"What the hell," Sam exclaimed as he came jogging up. "How did you do that?"

"Told you we didn't need your help," she smiled smugly.

"Jesus, Marsh, I was just joking around. Why do you have to take things so seriously?" Sam groaned, running a hand over his face. I went to go stand beside Tanya.

"What's going on?" I whispered to her. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Marsha said it was a long story," Tanya replied.

The two of them began yelling at each other, arguing over what Sam said. Then suddenly Sam grabbed Marsha's head and kissed her right on her lips. My eyes widened at what I saw.

"What the hell?" I asked aloud. They both pulled away and smiled sheepishly.

"Guys, what's going on?" Tanya asked the both of them.

"Well, I..." Marsha started to say but bit her lip and glanced at Sam.

Sam took a breath in and started to explain. "So, I like Marsha and she kind of didn't believe me because I'm all, y'know, not a caring type of person. And yeah."

I furrowed my eyebrows, still confused about everything. Sam and Marsha? Since when? Last time I checked, Sam teased Marsha to the point that Marsha had to walk away in frustration.

"What about you, Marsh?" Tanya asked.

"Well, I don't know," she said.

Sam grinned. "Don't deny your feelings for me."

Marsha glared at him then turned away and walked back to the base. Sam rolled his eyes and went after her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder which she shrugged off.

"Well, that was an interesting turn of events," I noted to Tanya and she chuckled.

"Yeah," she said then we started to walk back together. "Now don't tell me you're going to confess your undying love for me."

"Nah, I'm pretty sure you're going to say it before I do," I said.

She poked my stomach and laughed so I wrapped my arm around her shoulders in a side hug.

"You're so gay, Liam," Tanya said.

"And you expect me to say I'm in love with you," I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, because I'm irresistible," she grinned.

I brought her head down into a headlock and walked back to the base with Tanya struggling to get out and me not letting go.



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