War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6


“Well, shit me dead,” Tanya gasped as we sat down at a table. Her brown eyes were completely hazed over and I could tell that all she could see were images of what happened on the mission earlier today. I don’t blame her, honestly. What I saw were the only things I could see in front of my eyes.

I kept replaying the scene. The man shouting, the girls crying, the crack from the gun, the girls falling forward, the bullet holes on the back of their heads and the death of a man on my hands. It was all I could think of as well as other gunshots echoing all over the house. It frightened me. I never expected something so serious to happen. I actually had no idea what I was expecting on that mission.

Tyler had a good call, he did need all of his platoon there. There were a lot more men than we thought possible. They were all over the house and there were even more children everywhere. 

"Preach it, Tan," I sighed. People use the phrase 'war flashbacks' so lightly that they don't realise what it's like when they really are was flashbacks. The frightening thing was I never met up with Tanya in that house so the whole time I was running through and searching for innocent life, all I could think was, Tanya please be safe.

"Oh, Liam, you have no idea how scarred I am," she sighed with her hands in her hair and hair face towards her food, "I saw a man rape a little girl!"

"I watched a man kill two girls," I told her. I wasn't trying to compare what I saw with what she saw. I was just telling her what happened because that had definitely scarred me as well. I tried to think of other things to think of before today. I tried to think of being on stage with my microphone and the rest of the band and the cheering crowd. But whenever I pictured that, I also pictured a man shooting two girls amongst the crowd and the memory from today scares me even more. 

"Oh, wow, Liam," Tanya gasped. She looked at me in an odd way. It wasn't sympathetic at all, it was a look that told me she understood and she’s proud, I guess. “Are you okay?”

I nodded my head to answer her. “Are you?”

She sighed.”I’ll get through it.”

“Hey, Liam,” I heard someone call out. I turned to see Marsha standing beside the radio we always had on. “Someone from your band is on the radio.”

I don’t think I jumped out of my seat fast enough. I half ran to the radio and pulled up a chair beside it. Other people started to gather around and Tanya sat down beside me in a chair. When people first found out I was in One Direction, their first question was, “what are you doing in the army?” I think that was a pretty hard question to answer because if I say it’s just something to pass the time, it makes me sound like a douche and that I don’t actually care. So I end up saying something like, this is the only break I’d probably ever have so might as well do something that I could give back to people. After that, men and women alike would start asking for an autograph to give to their sister/daughter/niece. 

“And now on Radio 1, we have Zayn Malik from One Direction!” i recognised that voice straight away. It was Nick Grimshaw. I wasn’t surprised that it was Zayn he was interviewing. Zayn was the only one out of all of us that stayed in the UK. Unless Harry didn’t take a plane out of the country.

“Hey Grimmy,” Zayn’s familiar Bradford accent came through the speakers of the radio. I miss the guy. I miss all of them. Suddenly, I was hit with a wave of homesickness. I miss my flat, my family, the boys and surprisingly the cold weather.

“So, how are you spending your three year break?” Grimmy asked. 

“I spent the last few weeks having quality time with my family. I’ve been on the road for so long, I’ve hardly had time to see them and it’s been great,” Zayn replied.

“Are you going to stay with your family for the rest of your break or are you going to go do something else?” Grimmy asked. “And by something I mean someone,” he continued. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Of course Grimmy would make an innuendo through an interview. 

Zayn chuckled. “Please don’t take this the way you put it, Nick, but when Little Mix goes on tour, I’m going to be joining them. Probably going to meet some of the boys in different places.”

“Speaking of the boys, where are they now?” Grimmy questioned.

“Niall’s in Australia and he’s living there for a year then after that, I’m not sure whether he’s going to stay or move somewhere else. Louis is traveling with his girlfriend, Eleanor, and they’re currently in Greece. Harry is god knows where. He decided to just pack a few bags and drive to wherever. Last I spoke to him he was in Brighton but that was three days ago and he tends to move around every two days or so. And Liam, as most of you have heard on the news, is in the army. I’m not sure where he’s stationed at because I haven’t got a hold of him lately,” Zayn answered. I swear that was the most he’s ever spoken at an interview. 

“Well, One Direction certainly isn’t a pussy band, am I right or am I right?” Grimmy joked and Zayn chuckled. 

“Certainly not,” Zayn agreed.

“So, how are things with Perrie? When’s the big wedding?” Grimmy inquired.

“Actually, we set a date. But it’s not going to be big or anything. It’s just a small wedding with close family and friends. And hopefully, Liam if you’re listening, we’ll get you on skype or something so you can be there somehow,” Zayn announced. That was news to us but the thing was I was already there for their actual wedding but it’s nice knowing that he still wants me at his second official one. 

“And there it is, everybody. When is it?” 

“We’ve decided on October because Perrie loves Fall weddings and October’s right in the middle of it all.”

“So, who’s invited?” Grimmy asked, eagerly. I know he’s just waiting for his own invitation and I’m sure Zayn knows as well.

“We haven’t exactly written the guest list yet.”

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the polite way of telling someone you’re not invited,” Grimmy joked.

Zayn chuckled and i did as well. “Grimmy, you know you’re invited. Honestly, what’s Harry without his wingmen at parties?”

“You are most certainly correct, Zayn.”

“I know.”

“So that’s all we have time for. Zayn, have fun on your three year break and have fun preparing for your wedding. Zayn Malik, everybody.” Grimmy concluded.

“Thank you, Grimmy. Bye guys,” Zayn said and then it was Grimmy announcing a song.

My god, i miss them. I felt so homesick at that moment. I just wanted to go home and curl up in my bed and think of random lyrics and write random songs that makes no sense. But instead I’m in Africa. Don’t get me wrong, Africa’s great, the experience is great but I just miss home. And, frankly, these missions frighten me. I’ve only been on one and I’ve never been so scared. But I know I have to move past my fear because I have to go through things like that for the next two years. 

“Well, that’s Zayn,” I announced to everyone. I could see on their faces that they knew I was starting to get homesick.

“He sounds great. He’s getting married,” Sam said, patting my back.

“Yeah, he’s been excited since he proposed,” I replied I remember when he told us he proposed. He had the biggest smile on his face for days and nothing could make him stop smiling.

I slowly moved back to the table I was sitting at before, with my head still back in the UK with the band and my family. I miss them heaps. I haven’t spoken to any of them since i left. Everyone’s all over the place as well. Harry was in Brighton, last anyone’s heard. Louis and Eleanor were in Greece and I bet El dragged Louis to Athens where Athena’s temple is at. Niall’s in Australia and I bet he’s already climbed the Harbour Bridge. Zayn’s in London and I’m in Africa. I miss them all.

“Liam,” Tanya said as she came up behind me and ruffled my hair.

“Hey,” I smiled.

“Don’t be so down. You’ll talk to them soon. Zayn just said that he’ll try and skype you for the wedding. At least be excited for that,” she told me. 

I chuckled. “I’ve already been to the wedding.”

She gasped in mock horror. “Are you saying you’ve been to the future?”

I rolled my eyes. “They got married secretly two years ago. In October 2013, actually.”

“She must really like Fall,” Tanya said and I nodded in agreement.

“They seem really great. Are Eleanor and Louis married already?” She asked. 

I shook my head. “No because Eleanor is still in uni but he’s been thinking of just proposing now then get married later.”

She nodded her head in understanding. I closed my eyes for a second and imagined myself back at home, in my flat. It was so peaceful and it made me homesick to the stomach but then the image of the man shooting the two girls popped up in my living room and my eyes opened wide. 

“Are you okay?” Tanya asked. I nodded my head, trying to slow my jumpy heart rate. “Are you remembering what you saw today?”

I didn’t answer her.

“Liam, you can’t let that overpower you. Let that memory make you stronger,” she told me as she leaned forward and touched my hand that was on top of the the table. She patted it for a second then pulled away.

“You’re right, Tanya. Are you okay?,” I said. She gave me a small smile.

“I’ll live, won’t I?” She replied.

“Come on, Tan. You can’t just give me that advice and not take it yourself. You’re strong enough for this,” I said.

She opened her mouth to say something but I quickly spoke before she could. “Yeah, yeah I know what you’re going to say. ‘Aw, Liam, I know you’re in love with me and blah blah blah.’” I said with a roll of my eyes.

She shook her head at me. “I wasn’t, actually. I was going to say, thank you.”

“Woah, Tanya, are you feeling okay?” I asked her. “When do you ever say thank you.”

“All the time. I wasn’t brought up with no manners,” she countered.

“Oh really?” I jested.

“Yes, really,” she stuck her tongue out at me then got up from the table. “I’m going to bed, good night.” She leaned down and pinched my nose before walking away.

“Are you and Tanya going to get together or what?” Marsha said as she took Tanya’s seat across from me. 

Her question baffled me and I knew my expression looked ridiculous at that moment; with the wide eyes and the open mouth. “W-what?”

“It’s obvious, Liam. You two are going to end up together one way or another,” she stated.

“B-but we’re just friends,” I told her and she rolled her eyes.

“Yes, of course, if that’s what you want to think,” she snorted.

“Marsha! She’s my best friend. I don’t think of her like that,” I told her.

“Mhm, okay. Work on that look in your eyes the next time you say that,” then she left with nothing else to say. 

I was actually so shocked. I never thought people would think I was actually in love with her. I thought they all knew that it was a joke. I’m not in love with her. She’s my best friend. Is that even possible? Don’t get me wrong, she’s great and amazing and I love her. I just don’t love her in that way.

And what the hell did Marsha mean by the look in my eyes when I said I don’t think of her like that? I sure as hell know there’s no look in my eyes. She’s my best friend. I honestly don’t see her as anything more than that. I don’t understand how people could mistake that for love. It’s completely platonic between the both of us. We’re best friends, nothing more, nothing less.






Are you Liam? Are you really?

Btw sorry for the slow update. I’ve been procrastinating. Hard. And also because I’m excited about the doubt of moving on. sorry.


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