War Cry

*unbelievably slow updates* One Direction is put onto a three year break. All of the guys have decided what to do with their lives in the meantime. Liam Payne chose to go into the army. He was glad to meet his best friend, she was nice and funny and someone so easily to get along with. She made his army experience a lot more enjoyable. But what if another band member finds her just as enjoyable as he does? Would he be jealous? Or would he be happy for her?


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12


1 year later


I never realised how things have changed until I've looked back in the past two years. I don't even remember how I used to be. I don't laugh as often as I used to and I'm not as light as I used to be. 

Now I'm entering my final year and I'm more scared about going back home than the mission that I was going into in an hour. 

See, I'm so used to waking up at five in the morning and training myself. I'm used to carrying large bags on my back that should weigh me down but it didn't. I'm used to always having a gun in my hand. I'm just so used to the life I've lead that I don't think I'll be able to go back to how I was two years ago. 

The reason I was suddenly so philosophical was because I just had my 22nd birthday yesterday and all I could think was, on my 19th I went clubbing and for my 22nd, I spent the whole day in town patrolling the area. I can't exactly recall what's fun anymore. My idea of fun now is playing a little football and maybe going out on a small mission with Tanya. 

This mission however wasn’t small. Tanya and I have been leading missions for a while now. We’re like second-in-command but as a package deal. When we’re on our own we can’t work as we did as a team so Tanya and I lead missions together under the direction of Gregory. This mission was one of the biggest ones we had to lead. There was an illegal drug trade that the base was told off and Gregory immediately put Tanya and I in charge. This was the first major mission we had to lead and to be honest, I was shitting it. The worst thing about this mission was that it only needed five other people. 

“Liam, calm down,” Tanya whispered as we sat in the back of the jeep. She eyed my bouncing leg with concern and I took a deep breath in before releasing it.

“I’m nervous,” I told her truthfully.

“I can tell,” she answered. “Look, Liam, we’ve done a lot of raids and missions together. This shouldn’t be any different.”

“It’s still pretty major and we’ve only got seven people on it, including the both of us,” I sighed.

“I know, but we’ve got this, okay?” She said reassuringly.

“We need to go over the plan again.”

“Yes, I know.”

“They need to know where they have to be.”

“Yes, I know.”

“And we need to search the area before we do anything.”

“Yes, I know.”

“And we need to-”

“Liam!” She exclaimed.

“Right, sorry,” I apologised. Everyone in the raid that was sitting with us in the back looked at me questioningly. They weren’t questioning whether I was capable, they were questioning whether or not I was able to calm down. I’ve never panicked before a raid before, I don’t exactly know why I’m stressing out about this particular raid.

“You okay now?” Tanya asked and i nodded. I grabbed my water bottle out and drank from it, taking sips so I know I won’t over drink.

The car stopped just a few metres shy of where the dealing was supposed to be happening. My heart raced a little, I was nervous. Actually nervous was an understatement, I was scared; petrified; frightened; anxious; tense; every adjective under the sun that related to nervous. 

“Liam, if you’re nervous, everyone will be 100x worse. So, for the love of all that is holy, can you please calm down?” Tanya said while grabbing my shoulder. 

“Okay,” I replied as I took a breath and released it, “okay. I’m okay.”

“Good,” she approved before turning to our team. We briefed them again in our plan to stop the dealing without getting anyone hurt. We went over protocol and where to meet up afterwards. I wished them all luck to which they replied back.

“Ready?” Tanya asked and I nodded. Everyone moved off into our assigned places. Tanya and I stood side by side.

“Wait...” Tanya signaled into our radios. 

I watched with anticipation as two men, both armed with three other men and large guns, stop a few feet away from each other. I lifted my binoculars higher to see that they were talking hurriedly. Then a man brought out a gun and pointed it at the man before him and all six men from the sides lifted their guns, ready to shoot.

“Move!” I shouted into the radios and we all came down from our sections. There were shots being fired from every direction.

“Tanya!” I yelled as I lost her when running down. I spotted her off to the side, fighting a large man at hand to hand combat, both with no guns. 

Just at that moment a man came charing at me with his fist raised in the air. I grabbed his fist before it hit me but he lifted up his knee right into my abdomen. I keeled over for a second before twisting the arm I still held behind his back. He yelled and blindly kicked backwards. I pushed the back of his knee so he was could fall to the ground. But his knee never moved and instead, he yelled and flipped me over his shoulder.

I landed on the ground and moved just in time before his foot could smash my face. I got up and swung my leg which he caught in his arm. I used that momentum to jump up and kick his abdomen with my other foot. He let go of my leg and I grabbed my gun and shot his shoulder then his thigh. It was a cheap shot, but i had work to do.

“Liam, behind you!” Tanya screamed from in front of me and I whirled around ready to shoot the man that put out his gun first earlier but instead, the man’s gun was pointed to a little girl’s temple.

“Put down the weapons,” he commanded, his words were heavily accented. I dropped my gun immediately, not wanting to put the girl in danger. He then barked at his men in their language and every single person involved in the dealing ran out of the clearing, including the man with the little girl.

I swore loudly. I knew this mission would end badly.

“Liam, look,” Jessica, who was part of our raid, said. I turned around the find the man I shot still laying on the ground, both arms on his bleeding wounds.

“Take him to the truck, we’re taking him to the base. Blindfold him and bandage up his wounds, we need him for information,” Tanya told them and they followed our commands, two of them carrying him back to the truck.

Tanya walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders. “Don’t worry, okay. Not all hope is lost.”

“We need to save that girl, Tanya,” I told her urgently.

“We will. Now, come on,” she said and we both walked back to the truck.

When we got back to the base, everyone had already been informed about the hostages. Gregory already had maps spread all over his desk as well as people leaving the base to go search close areas and a few people were on their computers, looking for them. I tried to keep my nerves down for the sake of helping them but I was freaking the fuck out. 


“Okay, we need to think logically about this,” Tanya said on the third day of our search. The past three days were nothing but searching and researching and scouting the area. It’s been busy and there were no signs of any of the men we were trying to catch.

“How logically could we get?” Brad asked in a huff.

“I mean, it’s been three days now and we’re still looking within a 5 mile radius. We’ve got to spread it out more,” I answered for her. I knew what she was thinking even though she never told me exactly what. Her eyes looked at me in shock and surprise but she quickly covered it and nodded as if she’d told me.

“So how far do you want to spread it?” Gregory asked. He’d been quiet this whole time, listening to the way Tanya and I led the base. It was as if he was silently training the both of us.

“At least 10 miles and if there’s still nothing, we’ll spread it another five in three days,” Tanya told them. Everyone nodded and dispersed. 

Once everyone was gone, Tanya turned to me. “How did you know that?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I honestly don’t know.”

“That’s creepy,” she mused and I agreed with a laugh.

“Are you two thinking of continuing when you finish in a year?” Gregory asked. 

Tanya and I exchanged a glance. Why is he asking us this? “I can’t. I have to go back on tour again.”

“And I’m going back to uni,” Tanya said. I looked at her in shock. She told me she never really liked uni and wanted to expand her choices. I never knew she was thinking of going back. When she caught me looking at her, she just shrugged and turned to Gregory.

He nodded his head then turned to walk away.

“Wait, sir, why do you ask?” I asked him.

“Well, I was going to put you two up for lieutenant if you were going to come back,” he replied.

“What?” Tanya asked.

“You both have the quality and the capability to become lieutenant. I mean look at you now, conducting a mission and a search together and commanding people. You’re both ethical and are both capable of leading a team. You both can become one if you wanted to,” he replied.

This was coming from a man who’s been in the army for 15 years. I’ve never felt so much pride in all my life. 

“Wow, sir, thank you,” I said.

“Yeah,” Tanya gasped.

“But I have a career and I would come back if I could,” I told him. Gregory nodded.

“Well, good luck with this mission,” Gregory said and walked out of the room.

I turned to face Tanya. “You’re going back to uni?”

She nodded. “I thought about it and I’ve decided that I should.”

“What do you want to study?” I asked.

“Communications or something in technology,” she replied.

“Which university?” 

“London. It’s the closest one to home that I know I’ll be able to get in to.”

“I don’t know if I should say I told you so or congratulate you.”

“I’ll take the congratulations.”

I smirked. “Well, too bad you get the I told you so.”

She stuck her tongue out at me and I pinched her nose. “You’re a psycho, Liam.”

“Like you’re any better,” I snorted.

She flipped me the finger just as Brad came running back in.

“What?” I asked him, going back into leader/on-the-mission mode.

“We found a shack, unoccupied and unregistered. It’s got a car outside and the windows are all closed up,” he reported.

“How far from the dealing scene?” Tanya asked.

“8.6 miles,” he replied.

“Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” I told them and everyone got their equipment ready.

We drove down to the shack that Brad discovered. Tanya and I went to check on it first, keeping a camera on my gun so Gregory can see what’s going on. As I got closer to the shack, I could hear muffled sobs coming through a hole in the window.

“Alright, positions. No one go in until I say so,” Tanya whispered into her head gear but the hypersensitivity of the radio made it seem like she was shouting.

I heard the quiet march of the 15 people or so surround the shack. Two people to a window or door and the rest around the front door to which Tanya and I were stood facing.

“Ready,” I whispered and Tanya began to count to 3. 

“Go!” I said once Tanya got to three. We all broke into the little shack with our guns held up ready to defend ourselves.

The room was void of men apart from the little girl they kidnapped three days ago at the dealing. She was curled up in a ball in the corner, tears were running from her eyes. When she saw us she shook her head vigorously as if to say we shouldn't have walked in. I slowly approached her, lowering my gun and held out a hand. 

"Liam," Tanya whispered. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Trip wire," she whispered. I stopped moving and looked down to see a thin wire a few inches off the floor. My foot was a millimetre away from touching the wire. I cautiously stepped back.

"Stand down," I said into my radio. 

I followed the wire with my eyes. It was tied around a loop on the walls and continued up to the roof where two bombs were hanging. My heart raced at the sight of it. I turned around to Tanya and I saw her forehead sweating with a look of panic on her face. 

"There's two bombs in here," I said into my radio. "One's on a time frame of 1 hour but the other isn't. There's a trip wire and I think if pull it, it will activate the one without a time."

"Alright, Liam, what do you suggest?" Gregory radioed. 

I turned to Tanya and she took a step towards me. "Try get the girl."

I stepped over the wire towards her and she started to cry hysterically. I slowed my steps but still carried across the room. She then started to yell in her language. 

"Can anyone understand this?" I asked in my radio. 

"I can understand bits," Jessica said. 

"Alright what do you have?" Tanya asked. "Hurry, we're down to 50 minutes and I'd like to be miles away from here when that goes off."

"She's saying stop, there's a-uh-bone? Okay now she's saying something else- oh my god!" Jessica cried. 

"What? What is it?" I asked frantically, stopping my walk. 

"She just said to leave and let her die," she whispered. My heart broke. 

"I can't do that," I said. I have to save her. I refuse to leave her behind. 

"Oh! I got it what she was trying to say before," Jessica said. 

"What?" Tanya asked urgently. 

"She's got a bomb strapped to her," Jessica said hurriedly. 

"Oh god," I sighed. 

“Liam,” Tanya whispered behind me. 

I didn’t turn around, I stayed focused on the girl. I couldn’t let her die but we’ve got less than 40 minutes to get out. There’s three bombs within the room alone, how many more could there be in the other rooms?

“Liam,” Tanya whispered again.

We need to prioritise the bombs. The one strapped to the girl then the time and the trip wire one can go last. 

“Liam!” Tanya whispered harshly.

I whirled around to face her. “What?”

“Stop freaking out!” She half-yelled.

“I’m not freaking out,” I countered because I wasn’t.

“Yes, you are. You’re shaking!” She replied.

I took a deep breath then told her what I was thinking. She nodded her head in agreement to my plan.

“One person from each entrance go in to check for more bombs and any sign of the men,” Tanya said through the radio.

“I think the one strapped to the girl is either weight sensitive or movement sensitive,” I told Tanya.

“I think it’s movement since she’s stock still,” she answered. It was true, despite her hysterical crying, she had barely moved a muscle.

“Tanya, you detonate the one on her and I’ll do the time one,” I said. Tanya was more gentle and careful than I was and I was taller so I could easily reach the bomb on the ceiling. 

“Liam, my room’s empty,” someone said then others repeated the same. 

“Alright, now I want you all at a thirty metre radius away from the shack,” I ordered.

“What? No!” Brad yelled.

“Do it!” I yelled.

“But Liam-”

“Just listen to him, Brad,” Tanya told them and I let out a breath in relief when I heard his defeated grunt.

I reached up and started to work on the time bomb. I could hear Tanya’s soft voice relaxing the young girl so she could work on that bomb. The time bomb reached 20 minutes and I could feel the pressure on my shoulders. Sweat trickled down my forehead as I pulled the wires this way and that, trying to figure out how it was done.

15 minutes.

It was a complicated bomb and whoever made it must have been an evil genius because the wires were mostly all black and with the terrible lighting of the room, I could barely decipher where it started and where it ended. I could hear the girl’s muffled sobs behind me and I prayed to god that Tanya was almost done.

10 minutes.

I finally found the right wires to cut.

9 minutes.

“Liam, I’m done,” Tanya announced.

8 minutes.

“There’s men outside,” Jessica shouted into the radio.

7 minutes.

Wrong wires!

6 minutes.

“Brad’s been shot,” someone shouted.

5 minutes.

My heart was pounding in my ears. 

4 minutes.

The right wires. Please be the right wires.

3 minutes.

Crap, my knife fell. This must be the worst luck ever.

2 minutes.

“Liam, breathe,” Tanya whispered. I do not want to be the reason why Tanya dies. 

1 minute.

Tanya handed me my knife. I took a deep breath.

30 seconds.

I cut the wire.

29 seconds.

My heart stopped.

No, no. It’s supposed to stop!

25 seconds. 

Then the time froze. I dropped to my knees. Thank god, the bomb was stopped

Tanya dived forward and hugged me. “It’s alright, Liam, you’ve done it.”

“Liam, we need your help!” Jessica shouted.

“Alright,” I breathed, “we’re coming.”

We headed for the door when suddenly we heard a thud behind us. The little girl had tripped over the wire. i looked to the other bomb and it had two minutes left on it. My eyes widened as I looked to Tanya. 

She grabbed for the girl as she yelled into her radio for everyone to retreat. We ran out the door as fast as we could but as we ran out the door, we were pelted with bullets. I ducked and blindly shot in the direction they were coming from.

We only got a few metres when it exploded. I dived in front of Tanya, covering her body with my own and she did the same with the little girl. I felt bits of rubble come down around us and hitting my back. 

“Liam! Tanya! Please tell me you’re all okay,” Gregory shouted.

I couldn’t respond. My ears were ringing from the explosion. I could barely move.

“Tanya! Liam!” He shouted again.

The explosion had finally stopped and Tanya moved away from me. Everything started to sway. 

“I’m okay so is the little girl,” I faintly heard Tanya say. “But Liam’s bleeding.”

“Bleeding where?” Gregory asked, his voice was a silent hum to the ringing in my ear that seemed to be getting louder by the second.

“His left ear is bleeding and his shoulder,” Tanya said.

“Just get him back,” gregory responded and Tanya grabbed from me and kept me steady. She half carried and half dragged me back to the cars with the little girl in tow. 

“Liam, stay awake,” Tanya whispered. “Keep your eyes open. Please. Keep your eyes open.”

I grunted a response as she dropped me into the seat. She said I was bleeding but I wasn’t hurt anywhere. I couldn’t feel anything. My body was numb.

“I said eyes open,” Tanya growled. 

My eyes were drooping and I tried with all my might to keep it open, to listen to her. “I can’t, Tan. I want to sleep.”

“Not yet. You can sleep later,” Tanya said.

“No, sleep now,” I mumbled.

“No!” She protested. “You can’t. You have to sleep later.”

“Is the little girl okay?” I mumbled.

“Yeah, she’s fine. She had two bodies protecting her,” Tanya whispered.

“That’s good. Mission complete right?” I whispered. My head was starting to get really dizzy and I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

“Yes,” she whispered, “mission complete.”

“Can I sleep now?” I asked when I felt my body being carried and laid down.

“Just a few more minutes,” she said.

I waited for a bit then asked, “what about now?”

“Yes, you can sleep,” she answered. I felt her hand squeezed mine as I let the blackness take over me.


When I woke up, my whole body felt stiff. I could barely move my neck and my shoulder was aching. My left ear was still ringing but faintly.

“Finally,” a voice muttered beside me. I turned to see Tanya moving to sit up straight with a book in her lap.

As I moved my arm, pain shot through my shoulder and I groaned. I dropped back onto the pillow. “How long was I out for?”

“Just 24 hours,” she replied.

“Well, unlike you I had to wait four days for you to wake up,” I grumbled.

“But were you shot? Didn’t think so,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“So what happened to me?” I asked.

“You’re temporarily deaf in your left ear and you got some glass in your shoulder, no biggie,” she answered.

“No biggie?” I questioned as I looked at her.

“Well, it wasn’t like you got shot,” she replied with a smug look. 

I rolled my eyes. “What about all the men Jess told us about?”

“Oh, they were wiped out,” Tanya answered.

“Are you serious?” i asked.

“Well, no. Only like three of them were wiped out, the rest were injured,” she said.

“So what did we do with them?” I asked.

“Nothing, they had no direct link to the dealing. They were just owners of the shack,” she shrugged.

“So what did we do about the men from the dealing?” 

“Well, we caught one of them and they were taken in for questioning and still is. The other one is on the run.”

“Okay, what about the little girl?”

“She’s safe. We dropped her off at her village when we did a look over on her. She’s okay, not a scratch.”

“Okay, good.” I said and closed my eyes.

“Tired already? Jeez, you were out for 24 hours, how much more sleep you could get.”

“Shut up, Tanya. My whole body aches,” I grumbled.

“Weak,” she muttered. The she chuckled and said, “rest, Liam.”

“I will if you’ll just shut up,” I smirked despite my closed eyes.

“Woah, touchy.” I could imagine her raising her arms in surrender and it made me smile to myself.






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