The Adoption

Milly Rose Donald used to live the most perfect life. She had a perfect family, perfect friends and a perfect school. How can one day change her life forever and who will be there to pick up her broken pieces.

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3. The awkward sleepover

"Pizza's here" yelled gran. "Thank you Mrs Donald" yelled Kristy and Violet. We quickly ran down stairs to grab the pizza, sitting awkwardly in silence eating the delicious pizza. Violets POV: " You guys go up stairs i will wash up" said Milly. "Sure" i smiled as i ran up stairs with Kristy. "I think we should tell her" said Kristy "No, it will be fine, its only two weeks away we just need to keep it from her. You heard her before, it would change her whole year" i replied "I guess so" Kristy said with a weak smile on her face. We heard the loud footsteps of Milly outside the door and awkwardly looked at eachother pretending to talk about something else. Millys POV: I heard the soft whispers of my two best friends. I knew they were hiding something from me, i just wanted to find out what! They never kept secrets from me, I was so confused. "hey guys" i said walking into the room. I watched them both awkwardly glance at each other before looking down at the ground. "spill" i said as i sat down next to them on the floor. "what do you mean" said Kristy, trying to look confused but failing miserably. "you know what i mean" i said, "ever since yesterday you have been giving each other awkward looks and whispering behind my back". "its nothing, just personal problems" Violet said quickly. "whatever" i said climbing into my bed closing my eyes. I was so fed up with them, i was supposed to be there best friends and they couldn't even trust me! why couldn't they just tell me what was going on!

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