The Adoption

Milly Rose Donald used to live the most perfect life. She had a perfect family, perfect friends and a perfect school. How can one day change her life forever and who will be there to pick up her broken pieces.

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5. Authors note ( I am updating straight after x)

Hiiii (: xx
Sorry I haven't been updating for so long. At the end of school I had heaps of tests and straight after I went on a holiday and got back this morning. Anyway I am updating after this so enjoy but first I am going to need another character for the story. If u want to be it, comment your name and hair colour/eye colour.
Also, I am going to be starting a new movella called the story of ruby (it will also be a fanfiction) and I will need four characters. So comment your first and last name, hair/eye colour and favourite song. 
I hope you enjoy both of my movellas xox

love you all xx

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