The Adoption

Milly Rose Donald used to live the most perfect life. She had a perfect family, perfect friends and a perfect school. How can one day change her life forever and who will be there to pick up her broken pieces.

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2. A secret?

-Milly’s POV- The sweet music plays into my ear as sing along to my favourite song that is screeching on my alarm clock. I run my fingers through my dirty blond messy hair as I quickly stretch and run to the bathroom running the warm shower, still listening to my one direction mix tape. I get out and wrap myself in the warm towel. I quickly glance at the picture of my beautiful family, fighting of the forceful tears. I walk into my closet choosing a pair of daisy shorts and a black crop top. “Perfect” I say, admiring myself in my mirror. I choose a pair of black rose earrings and black high-tops. I start to put on my make-up when I hear the “ding” of my phone. I look over and see my best friend Violet asking me to come over this morning. Smiling I replay I quick “Yes, I will be over in 20mins” and slip on a daisy wreath in my hair, leaving it in its natural curls. I race down stairs, grabbing an apple. “So gran, Violet wants me and Kristy to come over to hers” I said. “Have fun!” she replys, giving me a quick smile and continuing with her Sudoku. I quickly run up to the bus stop just getting the bus having to run the whole way there. When I get to Violets house I walk in to Kristy and her whispering. They suddenly see me and awkwardly look up trying to pretend nothing had happened. “What?!” I ask. “Nothing” they say in unison. “Whatever” I say, as they look awkwardly at eachother like they are keeping a secret from me. “We missed out!” I suddenly crie braking the silence, “We missed out on one direction 2014 tickets!, I cant believe it”. “I know, we queued up for ages!, we tried, that’s all we could do” replied violet. “It’s annoying though” added Kristy. “It would have made my terrible year” I say with a chuckle. “Let’s go swimming” said Violet quickly like she wanted to change the subject! “Yea” I said quietly, running to the bathroom, slipping on my new fluorescent yellow bikini. “loving the new bikini” said Kristy as she slipped into her own floral bikini. We swam for a while in the pool, playing around, but all I could think about was missing out on one direction tickets. “Do you guys want to come over tonight?” I asked eagerly, “My gran will be fine with it”. “Sounds like fun” said Kristy. “I’m in” said Violet. “Great I said as I texted my gran.

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