Dont Ever Leave Me(Liam Payne Fanfic)

Wendy Hernadez suffers a lot. Her mom beats her. Shes an only child. Her father left her cause he couldnt handle her mom anymore. Her mom blams everything on her. She gets bullied at school so she stoped going. One day she couldnt handle her mom anymore so when she pass out Wendy maneged to get out. What happens when she meets Liam and he changes her whole life.


1. Leaving Hell

Wendy's Pov Another beating from my mom. She says it's my falut my dad left. Fuck no it wasnt my fault it was her she awalys got drunk and my poor dad couldnt take it anymore he was gonna take me with him but my mom didnt want me to go. He awalys send money for me. But no its not for me its for my stupid mom so she can buy beer and shit. Im fucken tired of my mom one day i will leave and never come back. It was 2:00 in the morning i was sleeping then my mom comes in my room to tell me shit that im a slut a worthless pice of shit that cant do nothing right. Thats it i cant take it anymore i got her beer and smashed it on her head as hard as i can. She falled on the ground. I gramed my suitcase and got everything i needed i went down to the kichten and got some food i never ate but still got some food. I left running as fast as i can i couldnt stand satying in hell anymore. I hope she never wakes up. I stopped running and went into an alley and sat near the wall and cried i wanted everything to be a dream and wake up with my dad and mom that my mom isnt drunk and my dad stays and dosent leave. But that would never happen. I had my One Direction Yes i love One Diection. And i had my black skinny jeans and my black vans. Under my jacket i had a long sleved black shrit. My hair was sort of messy. It started to rain. Great thats just great.
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