Don't do it

"Wait" he said while grabbing my wrist. "You're beautiful,please don't do it"


6. yes! yes! yes!

Vic's POV:

My eyes fluttered open and I looked down at Amber. She looked so perfect when she slept,like a little angel. I lightly kisses the top of her forehead and watched her eyes flutter open.

"Good morning my little burrito" I said.

"Good morning taco" Amber said.

Amber gently got off of me and out of the bunk,I followed.

"So Vic,are you still taking me to school" she asked.

"Knowing about everything that's happened,I won't make you go,but you should at least go and get your books and stuff so you can make up the work you miss" I said

"Okay" she said.

She was so perfect and beautiful. The thought of her ever being alone and scared made me sad. How could anyone treat another person badly,especially someone like her?! I felt like she was misunderstood and I also felt like I understand her. I can't wait for our date tonight,if it goes well I may ask her to go on your with us.

"Vic" Amber said while shaking me.

"What" I said while snapping back into reality.

"You were staring at a wall,I asked I you wanted cocoa puffs" she said.

"Oh,um,yeah" I said.

She chuckled and pulled two bowls out of the pantry.

"I'm gonna go ask the boys something,I'll be right back" I said.

"Okay" she said.

I ran into the bunk area and saw the boys.

"Hey guys can I ask you something" I asked.

"Yeah bro,always" tony said.

"Well,I was thinking,if my date with Amber goes well tonight I may want to ask her to join us on tour" I said

"That sounds awesome,she's so sweet,and it'll be fun having her to harass,like our own little sister" mike said.

"Hahaha,yeah" I said.

Amber's POV:

I began walking the two bowls to the bunks but I stopped when I heard the boys taking about me.

"I may want to ask her to join us on tour" I heard Vic say,omg!

I ran back to the kitchen and put down the bowls,I needed to tell Maddy. I ran to my bag which was by the couch and pulled out my phone. I texted Maddy and told her the news.

"Whatcha doing" I heard Vic ask me.

"Just texting" I said

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