Don't do it

"Wait" he said while grabbing my wrist. "You're beautiful,please don't do it"


7. cvs

Amber's POV:

After breakfast we all decided to meet Kellin and Maddy at a cvs about a block away from the busses.

"Come on guys let's go" I said.

"Almost ready" mike yelled.

"You've been getting ready for 10 minutes" I yelled.

"I'm almost ready" mike yelled.

"Fucking ridiculous" I whispered.

"Yeah,he takes a long time to get ready" tony said.

"Haha,so,tony,we haven't talked much" I said.

"No we haven't" tony said.

"So,what's your favorite color" I asked.

Tony chuckled a bit "it's green,what's yours"

"Purple" I responded.

"What's your favorite movie" he asked

"Lion king" I blushed.

"I love that movie,but my favorite movie is Star Wars" he said.

I laughed a bit and Vic came over.

"Let's go" Vic said while grabbing his jacket.

"Finally" tony groaned.

We all jumped into the van and started it up.

"To cvs" Vic yelled.

"Yeah" I yelled.

The drive was really short and we were there like 30 seconds later.

"Hey cocoa puff" Maddy yelled

"Hey waffle" I yelled.

Maddy pulled me into a hug.

"So,why did you choose here" Vic asked.

"We don't know" Maddy and kellin said at the same time.

I giggled.

"Oh,now I remember,I chose here to get Amber a gift" Maddy said while grabbing a bag out of her purse.

I peaked inside and saw the best thing ever. Splat hair dye in every color.

"Thanks gurl" I yelled while hugging Maddy.

"Wow you guys are strange" Vic said.

"No! We're just our own,special, kind of normal" Maddy said.

"You're special alright" kellin said sarcastically.

"OH BURN" Jamie yelled.

"DILLIGAF" I yelled

"What" Vic said.

"Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck" I explained.

"That's a bad word" Vic said.

"Oh no,call the cops" I gasped.

We all started laughing.

"So Maddy,Amber,you two know this town,we don't,why don't you give us a tour of all the shops and stuff" Vic asked.

"Twenty dollars a person for the normal tour, 35 dollars each for the deluxe tour" Maddy joked.

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