Love is...(niall horan fanfiction)


1. meetings

Hey my name is Jessie I have long dark brown hair and natural curls, I love to read, I know I sound like a nerd, and I also love one direction and somewhat justin bieber! I know what your thinking she's just gonna be one of those girls in fan fictions that don't have a life and want to be that's not the point.

I am actually Harry styles (yes THE Harry Styles) sister, along with Gemma. But what Harry Dosent know is that when he comes back from the American tour he's gonna find out some things that I haven't known..

You see I'm 17 years old, I just last month found out that I was Harry and Gemma's younger sister, apparently our mother (my biological mother) couldent take care of me when she first had me so she sent me to my grandparents and I always thought they were my parents but, I found out that they were my grand-parents, so I decided to go back to my mum and Gemma.

We haven't told Harry or the boys yet, I always thought Harry was my cousin along with Gemma, but instead they are my brother and sister, I love the fact that I'm not an only child, but before all of this happend, I was a mirical..

What I mean by that is that I never really had the best childhood. I was always told to kill myself and die and all that stupied crap. I never did cut though, but I did want to die. I always just thought of what would happen to harry and Gemma and the boys and my GrandParents and biological family if I were to kill myself so I never did..O was also bullied and by bullied I mean mentally and physically..people at school would kick me and punch me and whenever my 'parents' asked me what happend I would tell them I fell. That's all I really had to do..

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