Love is...(niall horan fanfiction)


3. Harry I am your sister.

At this time I am helping mum prepare for dinner when Harry and his band mates get here anytime. I'm really excited to see the boys I haven't seem them since the X factor 3 years ago! I saw Harry last Christmas but still. I miss the boys! Last time niall always starred at me, but he's an adorable leprechaun so ya know he has to stare at me, but whatever..

After I got done with cutting up veggies I told mum I was going up stairs to get dressed, I took a quick shower, blow dry my hair, applied little makeup, ya know eyeliner, foundation, mascara, and then I put on my under garments and put on a pink 'love pink' sweater and black leggings with my black uggs. Simple but effective.. After all of that I left my hair down and naturally curly. I guess I got my curly hair from Harry then..

I went back downstairs and found the 5 boys I have missed so much waiting for me. "NIALL LOWIE HAZZAH LIIIIAM ZAAAAAYN!!!!! " JESSIE!!!!" All the boys screamed at once. Gosh I love theses boys! "Hey boys I've missed you so much!" I got hugs and how are yous from all the boys..

"FOODS DONE!" Mum yells we all run in to the kitchen, gosh we all love food...the convos at the table were about food, and allot tf things that are not legal..

"So I'm harry?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah Jessie?"

"What do you think about having another sister?"

At first he looks totally lost.. "What do you mean? Mums pregnet again?! MUM?!?" "No no harry. Jessie is your sister..." My mum replys and chuckles at his response.

"Oh, wait what your my cousin!"

"No Harry in your sister.."

After that I told him my story and he looked lost the whole time..

After that we all found separate rooms and slept hoping the the boys don't Prank me in the morning.

Harry acted well he wasent mad but I think it just hit him hard.. Oh well.

I washed off all of my makeup put my hair up and changed into pajamas and fell in to a peaceful sleep, with Harry snoring next door.

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