My love life with niall

A girl name Samantha (that's me) is the girl friend of Niall horan there is goods and bands to there relishionship. Read and find out what happens!


2. babe do you have to go to work?

Nialls pov

Sam was waking up then she got dressed she said to me "hey nailler I have to go to work but I will be home with nados at 8pm". "Babe can u get me some if that blue hair gel I like" I said to Sam as she walked out of the frount door? "Ya" Sam said kissed me then walked out the door.

SAMs pov

After work I went and got nialls hair gel and nados. I walked into are flat door and shouted "nailler I'm home lepricon".i here foot steps down the stares then Niall can over and kissed me and said "did your get my hair gel"? "Ya here" I said as I have him the tin. "Thanks samsam"Niall said to me. We both riped into are nados then headed off to bed. I was just about to fall asleep and sundae one of my best friends called me and said hey do you want to go to nados tomarow with me and Harry? I said back "ya see you at 8:00pm"? "Ok" she said.i put my phone down and then Niall asked me "was that sundae"? I said back " ya we are going to nados with her and Harry tomarow at 8pm". " oh ok babe goodnight" Niall said to me."night" isaid back the fell asleep wraped in nialls arms.

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