Three words.

Three words. Seven letters. Any one can say them to me at any given minute of any given day. However, when she says them, my heart skips beats, yes, plural. It drives me crazy how one girl can drive me completely mad, I should be locked in Azkaban for being this insane. Merlin, I'm in trouble.
*contrary to the blurb, this is NOT a Harry Potter fan fiction. It is a fan fiction for the Disney show Kickin It.


1. The One in Jack's Point of View

"I think I get it now!" Kim yelled from the other side of the dojo.

Next thing I knew, Rudy was on the floor ruby his back. Hell, after that flip, I would be too.

"Yea, I'd say you've got the hang of it." Said Rudy limping like a Zombie fresh from the grave to his office.

"Hey, Kim you got the flip down!" I yelled jogging over to her. She had been working on it for weeks, she would get so mad when she'd mess up. It was actually cute when she got mad over small stuff. Wait! Did I just use Kim and cute in the same sentence? Hu, weird...

"Yea I did!" She said with a smile so bright it could put the New Years Eve ball drop to shame.

"It took you long enough!" I said to her, preparing myself for if she were to hit me. Thankfully she just laughed it off. Thankfully.

"Hey, wanna go to Falafel Phil's for dinner?" She asked us.

"Heck yea!" We all said at once.

We grabbed out stuff and headed over to our usual table at our usual restaurant and ordered our usuals like we always do after practice.

"Okay, Jack. So, what is it?" Jerry asked as we sat down.

"What's what?" Kim asked with confusion and curiosity in her voice.

"They want to know my 'big' secret." I said putting quotation marks around 'big'.

"We all dared each other to say our big secret n right before Jack could answer Rudy started practice." Milton said before I could explain.

"Why wasn't I asked?" She questioned us.

"You were late. That's why." Eddies said taking a sip of his Pepsi.

"Okay, so what are the secrets?" She asked with curiosity overtaking her voice.

"Well, mine is I'm afraid of Spiders. Jerry's is he's scared of feet. And Eddie is terrified of pens." Milton said to her quiet enough for only her to hear.

"Feet? Seriously Jerry?!" She asked, I could see the wheels in her mind start to turn as she tried to figure out what my secret was.

"Yea man! If I could walk around without them, I would." He said looking down at his abnormally small feet.

"Okay? So, what's your secret Jack?" Kim asked turning toward me raising an eyebrow and pursing her lips.

How do girls do that? Is if I did that I'm 97.832% sure I'd look like a mentally challenged duck.

"Okay, but you can't laugh!" I yelled in a hushed whisper.

"Yea, yea, yea. Just get on with it." Kim yelled, this time when she did the whole place looked at us.

"Okay, I'm a Harry Potter fan." I started, "I've read the series 26 times and I've seen the movies more time than I can count." I finished before I tossed a falafel ball into my mouth.

"Jack, you shouldn't be ashamed of that. I am too. I've read the series 29 times I'm on the 30th now." She said to me. I could see the sincerity in her eyes. She always had a way if making me feel better. I love when she did that. Wait, what?! I gotta shake this.

"Yea man, I've read them a few times." Jerry said. We all just kind of stared at him.

"What? Yes, I know how to read." Jerry said getting up to refill his Mt.Dew.

N that was that. We finished eating and we paid the bill and we got up and left.

"Hey, Jerry, I have to talk to you." I told him as we were walking out.

Kim turned and looked at me, she had a certain look in her eyes. I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

"Yea, what do you need?" He asked jogging over to me.

"That wasn't my secret." I told him as we started walking towards our houses.

"What is your secret then?" He asked me. Even he can raise an eyebrow!

I took a deep shaky breath. I've practiced this dozens upon dozens of times before. 'Come on Jack! Spit it out!' I yelled at my self.

"I have feelings for Kim. I have for a while now, but I've been trying to see if they'd go away. But they didn't."

~To Be Continued~

*So, thoughts??? Continue or no??? Let me know please!!!

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