Noelle. A 16 year old Irish girl. She has a reputation of being "The girl who knows no fear."
"I don't believe in fear, it's not real."
But, those words turned out to be the biggest lie of her life.


1. Me.

The first day of sophomore year. 

That may sound completely normal. 

But, this particular high school, just happened to be the most stereotypical high school 


you've got the popular clique. Three girls, skinny. Pretty. Popular.  Their names? Lauren, the leader. Chloe, the secretly smart one, and of course Claire. The dumb blonde who's all over the guys.

Then you have the jocks. Harry, the hottest, the man of all men, the boy you just couldn't take your eyes off of. 

Then, you've got Colin, Jake, and Sam. Harry's "pack". 

The rest of the school is basically below them. It's like they're the royal family and the others and the peasants living in the poor village a couple of miles away. The journalists, the wannabes, the freaks, the geeks, the artists, the singers, and the people who don't know where they belong. People just like me.

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